Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All annoying things come to an end.

We continued our venue hunt with the Museum of Contemporary Art and Le Montage. Both are beautiful places!!

At the MCA they only showed us the Harbourside room, which was really nice but to me highlighted why people keep telling me "go with a wedding place- weddings are what they do!" because it lacked all of the finishing touches, the consultation with a wedding planner and that whole general deal. We were literally in and out in 8minutes and I think the underwhelming feeling as I walked out said it all- not for me.

Our second appointment with Le Montage was on Saturday; a sticky hot day at about 2pm. After lying in bed all morning only to get up to eat Subway, A and I made our way to Lilyfield. True, I had never known where Lilyfield was previously, but it is not really out of the way at all, especially not when you have your handy iPhone :)


The room I was the most excited to see was the Marquee and with a minimum of 150 people and a max of 250, our 180 fit in perfectly! We loved the room- it was stunning, with gorgeous chandeliers, a private courtyard, water views and a tiled/floorboard (hard to explain) floor it also had no "set" dance floor. A and I both liked it and stupidly we probably showed it too much, because I believe it affected the quote we were later given…

The packages are great at Le Montage and include most things that you need and she constantly reiterated how "flexible" these were buuttt the quote for the Marquee was only slightly less than if we went in a room that had a minimum of 200- how does that work??

We were also told that if our numbers dropped, by say 10people, it would go up $5pp for every 10people we dropped. Can you imagine?? Like the weeks leading up to your wedding aren't stressful enough, you need to add extra costs every time a guest falls sick!

I know all of these venue reviews I write must come across very negative and perhaps even a bit princessy- but obviously that is not my intention. I am simply trying to highlight our thought process as we see each venue. It will help me to go back and analyse them too when coming to make the ultimate decision. I have heard some people "know" and get that feeling when they walk into the venue they ultimately choose, but that was never going to happen with A and I – we want to think of the whole big picture and more importantly I want to know I have covered all my bases (I am a planning freak like that)

We are definitely getting  a lot closer to the end now though… we have narrowed it down to…..(in no particular order)

1. Marquee at Le Montage

Which one is your favourite?


  1. Don't forget to hustle them! We played the "we really like it, but it's just a little out of our price range" card and a few places we looked at put their prices down. It's definitely worth a try!

  2. ahh I have been told that by a few recently engaged friends as well! We haven't ruled out anywhere because of price except for the ones that a HUGELY over budget. Thanks for the tip xx

  3. You don't come across as overly negative at all! Honestly, you don't seem diva-esque in the slightest, just honest :-)