Monday, 31 October 2011

The Big Face

At Luna park that is…. Yesss.. this is another venue blog!! Sorry, I hope they get more interesting and varied as my journey continues.

We were actually suppose to visit two venues this week- the Crystal Palace at Luna Park and Deckhouse, but a hangover and lack of sleep on Sunday morning prevented us from getting to the second. I really can't wait to see that one either, it is one of my favourites, so we have rescheduled for this Saturday.

The Crystal Palace ballroom was amazing! We loved the big windows around the whole room, providing ample water views, the high ceilings, the large space and in inside mezzanine level, which overlooks the main dance floor. I could just picture fitting the area out with our photo wall, some funky lounges and the DJ- I really think it could set the mood.

The wedding planner was helpful and yet not too overbearing and was able to show us many pictures of different setups in the room. You could really tell that Luna Park is use to holding large event and have the professionalism to take care of each and every detail…

I also looveed the private entry to the room along the boardwalk and the outside area for drinks and canapés.

One of the downsides though… as pointed out by A is the increase ($15) in price per person if your wedding is held in November or December. I really wanted a November wedding, but I don't think I could justify the leap in price, simply on the basis of wanting a particular month!!! Actually on the topic of pricing… one other thing I wasn't thrilled about was that a microphone and lectern was not included in the base package, but rather was an added extra in the second package. A microphone? Really? That is a bonus??

Despite the few downsides, I do think we will keep Crystal Palace on the possibility list!! The beauty of the room outweighs those few things and I guess there is always room for a microphone negotiation hehehe :)

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