Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Annnnd we have a front runner!!

So on Sunday after the beautiful wedding, we went to our first official appointment to check out a possible reception place (the others have just been open days).

Grand Roxy is at Brighton le Sands and we pass it all the time on the way to A's house and gawk at the magnificent chandeliers

Chandeliers and water view from inside

love them!

Street View

We were lucky that the venue was being set up for a wedding that night for around the same amount of guests as we will be having (180) so we really got to see and feel the place for what it would be like on the big day and we LOVED IT!!!

Screens which show different areas of the room
as the wedding is happening

The d├ęcor is modern and stylish, the packages are unbelievably inclusive (including 5course meal and 6hour reception) and the owner did not pressure us into making a decision or looking at certain aspects. Even the view from the table that we deemed to be the worst, was great!

Massive dance floor- PLUS!!

And the icing on the cake? Your wedding can be broadcast live to a password protected website for family and friends overseas or interstate who can't make it to the wedding.

When we pushed ourselves for a con, the only one was that it is not the easiest location to get to…. But people don't care when it’s a wedding right????

Soooo my friends we have a front runner, but still many to see (despite A saying to book it tomorrow, I need to satisfy my curiosity Lol)

Has anyone been to a wedding or held a function at the Grand Roxy? Any feedback????

PS- romantic touch- A and I first started liking each other and flirting at a bar called "Roxy"


  1. Ooohhh I like it !!!!
    Have you decided what kind of theme you want and flowers etc
    Im not married but when I do I am going to choose a month where my favourite flowers are avaliable!

  2. Thanks hun. That might be a good idea actually... I do want a tonne of flowers, just not sure on the type yet, as I am headed for a classy black and white affair with a touch of colour- the colour will probably be decided by the BM's dresses.