Friday, 18 November 2011


Yey!! It's Friday!! Every Friday I am amazed that I have made it through another working week and excited for the weekend as I put on my casual work attire. Today's bright outfit has made me particularly excited for the sunny weekend which is coming…

These blue jeans are from years ago when bright jeans were in
(and yes my stuff is everywhere- moving fml :( )

I have been actually busy at work this week (shock horror!) and still trying to unpack from last week's house move, so I haven't had much time to blog and so here is my wrap up…

Breakfast Cocktails mmm


Last weekend A, his bestie and my besties headed up to Diamond Beach, just north of Forester for a weekend of relaxation and it was just what the Doctor ordered!! I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately with a lot of things in life and have been taking this out on A so a weekend with nothing to think about was great to remind me how fun life actually is :)

Monday was date night and I went to my first ever Nepalese restaurant- Everest Kitchen in Marrickville. The place wasn't much to look at, a bit stuffy and run down, but it was full and once the food came out you could tell why..

This was the massive entree and my first ever task of goat, it was sooo yummy- I would definitely have it again.

Over the past year or so I have been easing myself into spice, so much so that I handled everything without a tear. Yey for my taste buds and nom nom nom to Nepalese food :)

I also tried the infamous Spice I Am on Wednesday for the first time and the food was great, I especially loved the spicy pork Thai sausage salad. I feel that we have all eaten Thai a million times these days, so when I try a dish I never have before I get very excited :)

Ohh and this week a few more pictures from Sandy's  Wedding were released, including one of me… my mouth looks a little funny in this picture, but I still like it simply because it is one of those "only a photographer could capture" photos.

Well I'm off to a few thirtieth parties on the weekend and another venue appointment, lets hope it is a sunny one… Enjoy your weekend xxx