Thursday, 20 October 2011

Virgin Rant

Welcome to my first ever blogger rant, of which i'm sure there will be many...

What am I ranting about?? Well I'm ranting about something that was commonly said at the start of our engagement party or from people who have seen the photos and that is – "it looks like a wedding"….argghhhhh if you remember my no to a mini wedding post than you know how much I wanted to avoid this and how we ensured it had no aspects of a formal dinner. The guests who attended the party did comment on how lovely and informal it was, so why do I still get these comments?

Three words- WHITE CHAIR COVERS! I mean seriously people… are white chair overs only allowed to be at weddings?? I have attended 30th's and fundraisers, which had white chair covers, but I'm sure nobody said they looked like a wedding… but with an engagement party people like to make the comparison to a wedding, don't they?? Nobody thinks that the chairs underneath were probably ugly and hence the need for the chair covers, which was the reason for their presence.

We didn't have allocated seating or anything else wedding related and our centrepieces were made up of martini and champagne glasses to give the cocktail feel…

Don't get me wrong, I would not change a thing about our engagement party and all our attending friends had nothing but praise about it…it just makes me want to rant because of the links/assumptions people have in their minds… what makes it even funnier is that I am pretty sure I don't want white chair covers at our actually wedding BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

You be the judge….

Wedding or cocktail party?


  1. I think the venue and set up look beautiful. It doesn't look like wedding at all.
    Why do people have to be so nasty about these things!

    Loving your blog BTW x

  2. Thanks Tara, that is very sweet of you... I have no idea and it drove me insane for a while, so now I am vowing to let go before I turn batty!! hehehehe