Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Another Day, Another Venue Inspection

Last night A, my mumma and I all went to an appointment at Curzon Hall aka the amazing castle that has been featured on shows such as Beauty & The Geek Australia.

As soon as we pulled into this place I was in awe and smiling like a little kid on Christmas Day at the amazing Castle, its beautiful grounds and the lighting, which made the whole place, look spectacular! We had an idea about the price beforehand, so I knew that wouldn't be a problem.

The wedding coordinator was very nice (although very young- I'm talking in how she presented the place to us, not age) and took us through all your standard package options, what they offer etc. and then she showed us the two rooms, which could accommodate our 180 guests. One was the older style room and the other was the modern, newly built ballroom.

The older style room (formerly a chapel) was gorgeous, with its high ceilings, large dance floor, own balcony, gardens and its very own canapé/pre drinks area. Even the slight grandma smell didn't take away from its charm. Before this, I was not sure if I wanted an older-traditional-style wedding room or a modern, crisp room and standing in that pretty room I still wasn't sure! :S

Then we moved through the gardens, past the water feature into the modern ballroom and I instantly knew- I WANT A MODERN ROOM! Being able to compare the two styles of room, so instantly after one another made it really easy for me to see which one gave me that "aww" feeling, which one I could see myself prancing around in, in my massive dress. So I've decided on my room right?? Wrong!

The modern ballroom was flawless… it had beautiful tiffany chairs, massive chandeliers, mood lighting and even an elevated cove for the DJ. The problem is though, the exact same problem I mentioned about the Dockside function room… one room has a minimum, which is too much for us, and the smaller room is way tooo tiny! When we walked in it was set up for 160 people and you couldn't move in between the tables, plus the dance floor was not big enough for my massive dress alone, not to mention for 180 guests to join in with the Zorba!!! *sigh*.

I started to wish I could just invite more of those "maybe" invite people, but then A made a very good point… the outdoor gardens/balconies are shared between the two weddings, which would be held in the ballroom when it is split. Do I really want to have the other wedding guests staring through the glass doors at me on my wedding day? No. Do I want the boys at my wedding chasing the hot girls at the wedding next door? No. Do I want to see another bride on my wedding day AT my reception venue? Prefer not to. Result= this is not the place for us :(

The beautiful grounds are still a possibility for photos but not for the reception. The things pointed out above and the bad reviews are deal breakers for me.

*sigh*- I know I have only seen a few venues at the moment, I just hope I'm not too picky for my own good!! Did anyone else fear they wouldn't find their "perfect" venue?


  1. I had a lol at the zorba comment - Have you learnt how to do this yet? I struggled big time!

    Sorry to hear about the venue but you'll know when you find the right one!! :) goodluck

  2. hehehe it is a very important consideration!! Some say it was a highlight of the engagement party! I haven't quite learnt yet but I have an idea and I figure my dress will cover my feet anyways :)

    Thanks hun x