Friday, 21 October 2011

Party Devil

y DevilA while ago… maybe at the end of May, I took off my acrylic nails because I decided my nails just needed a rest, well actually I needed a rest from sitting in that chair with an aching back, with machines buzzing, for 40minutes every 3weeks!!

Anyways, I got them put back on for our engagement party, because I never feel sexier than with long nails and my natural are really pathetic! I'm not a bitter (ew) but they just don't grow. Last night I finally had the chance to get my infills done and in the spirit of spring and the bright colours in this years fashion.. I went from stock standard French tip to the party DEVIL!! Hahahahaa

OPI Devil that is- Tasmanian Devil.

My fingers are so gangly and dry..ermm.

I really love how bright this is, I instantly felt happier this morning :)


  1. Love the bright nails, it's such a great red!

  2. Thanks ladies... I think it is such a fun colour!