Monday, 17 October 2011

Getting the Itch..

Ok, so A and I don't live together, in fact we both still live at home and that has not bothered either one of us our entire relationship, probably because both of our parents leave us alone and let us do whatever we want when we are staying at each other's house. Of course we want to see each other all the time, but the alone time to read my bridal magazines, try on outfits for upcoming events and star fishing on the bed isn't such a terrible thing either! Ahahaha


Our original plan was to wait until 6months or a bit earlier before the wedding and put a deposit on our second place (A already has an investment property) for us to live in. This was one of the contributing factors to our decision to have a two-year engagement as well. All of this was fine and dandy UNTIL my mum decided to move house. She does not want me to leave home yet, but I don't think it is fair to ask her to get another 3bedroom place, when I don't plan on staying around that much longer. Plus I have always had a desire to rent an inner city place while I am still in my party prime. The icing on the cake, which has contributed to my itch to suddenly move out and rent an inner city apartment, is all the fabulous household presents we were given for our Engagement.



This is the majority of our presents here and with our gift vouchers as well; I think we are pretty much set to start our own little place. Plus I am itching to use all of this fabulous stuff; I even want to cook!!!!!


One of our bestest friends also delivered this to A's place last Friday as his engagement present to us- I KNOW- UN-FREAKING-BELIVABLE!!! How can I let this baby just sit in a box???


I have had advice from many friends living with their partners that it is best to wait as long as you can to move out, "save the spark, the romance and your money for as long as you can", they say.


Has anyone out there got any advice one way or another?


Did anyone else suddenly get the urge to move out when they could see their very own Betty Crocker life forming in a bundle of fabulous presents???


  1. You need to make sure you are moving out for the right reasons. I was with my partner for a little over 1.5 years before we moved out together officially. Although not engaged, we had discussed a brief timeline we were both comfortable with.

    Nearly a year on since moving in, we are now looking at purchasing out first home and fingers crossed getting engaged soon. Moving out before we got engaged and married etc was important to us, at least to be able to get used to me paying bills (he had been living out of home for quite a few yrs before i met him) and just generally living together and small things like having your alone time etc

    Provided moving out doesnt disadvantage you financially (due to the wedding and what not) then i would recommend it and i think you would really enjoy it. Anyway, thats just my 2 cents. Good luck with the decision, but yes all those presents look awesome - congratulations by the way! x

  2. Thanks for the advice Amanda!! I think I would enjoy it, I guess it is just taking the initial leap which is scary :S xx