Monday, 15 April 2013

The Long Weekend

As usual, I am delayed in my blog posts, but I couldn't not post about the Easter long weekend.. we had waay too much fun!

On the Thursday night we headed out to our local with the usual crowd and as usual it ended with MacDonalds at 3am.
Nutella and Strawberry Pizza - $4!
Our Good Friday started surrounded by all the hungover-feeling-sorry-for-themselves friends from the night before, and even though we had every intention to make it to the Royal Easter Show, fate stood in our way.. after driving all the way there to be faced with a sign saying "No casual parking, all lots are full", we turned around and went home to have a scary movie marathon with a few friends.
One of the movies we chose was Australian. Do I need to say much more? What is it about Aussie accents in movies that just get so darn annoying?!
On Saturday we headed west to have lunch with my mum at Liana's in Parramatta.
After parking we found this... what a lovely, unexpected surprise - thanks council man.
Mum's chicken (on the left) actually tasted like pancakes with maple syrup on them.. for real! It was so strange, but  uber delicious.
Fro yo dessert!
Saturday night and we headed to Tharens in the Cross. Do you remember last time I went there? It is a great place for lots of photos with silly hats, and just like last time we had a great night with our friends.
Easter Sunday was just more movies with A - my family doesn't do too much these days, not now we are too old for Easter egg hunting.
On Easter Monday we finally made it back to the Royal Easter Show and had a really good day walking around, looking at everything.
Have you seen the "goats screaming like humans" on YouTube? We saw it for the first time a few days before the easter show and A thinks it is the funniest thing evverrrr! A has a hugely infectious laugh so when he starts laughing, we all do.. he literally laughs when you even mention the goats, so it was no surprise he was excited when we saw the goats at the show...
...and then like another sign of fate, we heard a goat screaming like a human. What were the freaking chances? I am pretty sure it made A's whole long weekend!


  1. Nutella and Strawberry Pizza..Yum!
    Sounds like a great long weekend x

  2. lmao goats screaming like humans?!?! I have yet to see this but I am really intrigued! haha
    Totally agree with annoying aussie accents in movies!!

    1. You Tube it, you won't regret it!

  3. The goats are hilarious. I couldn't stop watching!

    Looks like a great weekend-need more 4 days ones!!