Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Engagements and Christenings

Talk about a jam packed weekend!!!
I am pretty sure I forgot to sleep last weekend, and relaxing wasn't even thought of.. but I still wouldn't have changed a second of it!
On Friday night I met up with a few of my girls for a pub dinner and Sangria. I think in my old age I am getting slightly wiser, because I made sure I was home at a decent time knowing that I had an earlish start the next day.
The earlish start was our friend's engagement party - a BBQ lunch at a pub in the Rocks.
I wish I wish I took photos of all the pretty flowers and lanterns they had around the place, but of course I didn't. It was a really relaxed vibe and the subtle decorations with the old cobblestone just looked beautiful.
It was such a nice party, and we had loads of fun cooking our meat on the grill and hanging our photos up for the Polaroid guest book.
I wore this bright pink dress, which I later teamed with a white blazer (both from Dat Girl). I love the colour of this dress and it matched the perfect Sydney weather.
We dragged our jolly selves home on Saturday night, for yet another early start on Sunday.
Sunday was the day of my friend's baby's christening and the church started at 10am. A and I race down to the car park at around 9:20am to drive to the church and make it just at the right time, to see that our flatmate's friend has parked her car in front of ours, locking us in. My flatmate and her with both at our other friend's paintball day.
To say I was angry would probably be putting it nicely, as I desperately tried ringing all of our friend's phones without a response from anyone, because of course they are shooting each other with paint. When we finally did get someone on the phone, my flatmate told me the keys were in his room to move the car, but it was all too late.... we had missed the church ceremony.
I was one of those people. The people who go to the reception and not the ceremony.
I explained it to my friend and she was very sweet about it, but we still felt awful.
This is my beautiful friend. She is the mother of a seven month old baby. She puts my no baby body to shame!
The reception was at a Macedonian restaurant and it was so so much fun! Great food, a lot (read too much: we were all sweating) of sunshine, wine and circle dancing...  let's just say I was in bed by 6pm that night.
And then it is Monday. AGAIN. Boo!


  1. love both of those dresses you are wearing!

    1. thanks Peta, I had fun dressing up!

  2. You looked gorgeous at both events. And holy crap... baby 7 months ago? Not even my body looks that good

    1. Thanks hun.. and yes, she gets my vote for yummy mummy award!

  3. I know I'm repeating, but you look great!

    I would've been livid at my housemate/housemate's friend! How inconsiderate.

    At least it was a legitimate excuse, and they understood! :)