Tuesday, 9 April 2013

My wedding planning

I haven't done an update in a little while and did have a slight "OMG" moment when I looked at my wedding countdown the other day and saw this.....

when did this happen? was I sleeping??
Luckily I have still been doing some wedding planning.
Looks better with a flash, the white pops out more.
I FINALLY found black lace for the tablecloths at a suitable (aka not $20 per metre) price. I cannot tell you how difficult this was... everything was wayyy too expensive, as I needed 80 metres or just well, fugly. Thanks to aliexpress and a supplier from China I got the lace I wanted for only $2.7 per metre. I love globalisation and the internet :)
We also decided to go with the second bridesmaid's dress and I ordered the rest.
My mum ordered her dress, which will look a bit like this... I'm glad she went with something special, I want her to feel special on the big day too, after all she made me who I am.
I purchased part of my dad's wedding present.
I ordered my robe for the day, which I will post when I get it.
I FINALLY (most were booked out) managed to lock in a hair dresser - Mary Tannous.
We found some frames in the Reject Shop, which look to be perfect for the table names... we just need to find more than two now :S
and the best news of all.... we booked our over the water bungalow in the Maldives for our honeymoon!!
We aim to go for a five week honeymoon and go to Singapore, Maldives, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.. I CANNOT WAIT!!
How are my fellow brides going? Some of you must be close to D day now!

OHHH and one other question - where do you usually put the daddy daughter dance into a wedding program? I can't think of a wedding I have been to where it has happened. Please help.


  1. Oh, we are going to Sri Lanka for our (delayed) honeymoon. Cannot wait!! We are 4 and a half months now-starting to get scary!!

    1. me neither, I have heard it is amazing!! EEEEPPPPP.... every now and then I think about actually waking up on that day and all I can do is smile.

  2. Your honeymoon sounds amazing!!!

  3. You are so organized! Mine is about 8 months away and I have done none of those things yet...

    1. hahaha, I am known for being ultra organised with most things in my life. It destresses me.

  4. We're going to the Maldives for our honeymoon too with a few days in Dubai :)
    It's scary how fast this year is going hey! 6 months Friday til our wedding.. I'm still trying to work that out but my first thought was a first dance as we enter and then to the Daddy Daughter at the start of the rest of the dancing. The last wedding I went to though they had their first dance, then had parents join and then asked the family to clear the floor for the DD dance. :)

  5. 8 weeks for me, I'm having mini heart attacks that I've forgotten something but think we are okay. Till I realize on the day Hahahha

  6. Your plans are really coming along! The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, and the dress your mum got will be stunning!! and thankgawd for the internet, what a bargain for the tablecloths! I have found so many bargains, etsy will send me broke haha!

    The bungalow over the water in the Maldives ... wow, and the rest of your honeymoon is going to be amazing!!

    I cant believe how fast this year is going, our wedding is in 6 1/2 months so its coming around so so close! Most things we are on top of, just got to make some music song selections :)

    Not sure about where the daddy dance comes in, I actually haven't been to one where it has happened, I think maybe after your first dance but I haven't seen it done before at a wedding.

  7. Ohhh, how EXCITING! It's all happening, and the big day is coming up so quickly!

    Such a lucky thing - MALDIVES! I kind of want that for honeymoon, but fiance wants Asia somewhere. We might have to discuss that one and see whether we can find something in between for both of us!

    Can't wait to see what else you've got going for the wedding! xx

  8. Daddy daughter dance goes after your first dance as you invite others onto the dance floor. Or at least that is what I did!

  9. Daddy Daughter dance goes after your first dance with your husband, then you invite others onto the floor. Or at least that is what I did.

    Everything looks beautiful! Love the bridesmaid dresses.

  10. I envy you! You are so organized! I wish i can be as organized as you when it comes to planning my wedding. I recently got engaged and honestly, i don't know where to start. The honeymoon sounds awesome! Best of luck!

    - DeluxeCelebration.com