Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mini Freakout

Last Thursday was an eventful day. It was such an eventful day, it gets its own blog post.

First things first, I had another wedding delivery arrive at work... YEY!!

This little wooden sign for the pageboy to carry down the aisle, instead of a pillow.. I think it is adorable and I can just imagine all the "awwwwws" when he walks down.
On the other side, is this cute saying for our wedding photos.

Thursday night after work on the train to my mum's house, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a photo of my wedding dress sample in a wedding magazine, I knew it was going to be featured so that didn't surprise me, but what did surprise me was that I didn't realise it was my dress at the time and I thought it was very average looking, I actually didn't like it at all.
I kept staring at the dress. I felt sick.
All of the worst thoughts started going through my head. Even though my dress is being made from scratch, with all the little things I want to add to it, I still could not help but freak out.
Was it just because I was exhausted or did I actually not like the dress anymore? I didn't know, but I knew my mum would talk sense in to me and she did - pointing out all the differences in the photo and my dress, the styling etc. She even made me look the photo on a computer and once we realised it wasn't even in focus, that eased a lot of my worries!! It made me realise why I couldn't see any of the detail. My bridesmaid also helped me by telling me that she saw me in that dress and she would not hear me saying anything other than "it is the most perfectest dress ever". She told me "the woman makes the dress, not the other way around".
AHH.. I am surrounded by the best women ever! I trust them completely and was so grateful they smacked some sense in to me.
Has anyone else had this feeling? You know the feeling you picked the wrong dress? Were you proved wrong later? What happened? tell me allll! hehe.
After my bride moment, I went to pole dancing for my first lesson with Suzie Q - she is amazing and she is also the hardest task master!! I have never worked so hard in a pole dancing class before and by the end by arms refused to lift me anymore. While I hated it, like you do when something hurts, I loved it and I am soo excited to do more classes with her and hopefully improve improve improve! I hate feeling like the whimpy unco kid in the back haha.
I am now COVERED in bruises and my muscles hurt for days after, but i'm heading back there tonight ready to work off some more of these wobbly bits.
Suzie Q is amazing.. check out this video of her in a NSW comp.


  1. It happens, you look at so many blogs that your vision and tastes get clouded. You've made the decision, stick with it! I'm sure it will be beautiful.

    1. Thanks hun, it is those kind of comments that will keep me on track! xx

  2. i didn't have the 'oh my god i've chosen the wrong dress moment' just have I not chosen the RIGHT dress? I stopped looking in bridal magazines after that and ended up loving my dress

    1. Thanks Peta, good to know it's not abnormal to doubt the decision x

  3. Im also getting married and I've just stopped looking at dresses all together. Mines being made but it was based on a different design with a million changes, I'm sure it will be perfect but I also occasionally think "what if I hate it after spending so much money" arghhh 1st world problems!!! I'm positive ur dress will be amazing, mums and best friends don't lie!

    1. ohhhhhhh for sure first world problems!! hahaha I don't look anymore, I was actually just looking at my designers Facebook and it came up, but it is hard when you can't see exactly what it will be. hahaha thanks Vicky, i'm sure yours will be perfect too xx