Friday, 9 November 2012

Puppy Love

Do you remember earlier this year, meeting my mum's little puppy Bobby? If not, you can meet her here.
Well she is no longer so little and mum was wanted to get her a friend for some time now.
After my brother bought a Lorakeet on the weekend, Bobby cannot stop staring at it, she is just dying to play with. Seeing this, mum bit the bullet and started looking for a pup. Of course, I insisted I go with her to see the pup she chose and approve of his cuteness.

And cute he is!!
He is half labrador, half border collie.
My mum tried everywhere for another Dalmadore, but no such luck.
We named him Oliver, Oli for short :)
Dirty from playing in the mud.
I love his green eyes and wish I still lived with mum so I could play with him allllllll the time!!!
Bobby loves him too!
Unfortunately, she doesn't realise he is only the size of her head and trys to pounce around and play with him, to which he cries and runs away to hide.
She won't let him sleep either, she is too excited and apparently didn't care that it was 3am, that was play time!
Awww is there anyone that doesn't love puppies?


  1. Awwww what cutenesssss!

    I am so jealous. I've wanted a new puppy friend for Rocket for so long, but we don't really have the time that another bundle of fur deserves.

    SO CUTEEEEE!!!!!

    1. well now that i'm out of the house and mum works from home every second weekend, I think the pup needs enough time for her! hahaha.. x

  2. Sooooo cute!

    I'm puppy clucky!

  3. Awwwww that puppy is just so adorable!! I'd be going to play with it all the time too. :)

  4. So much puppy overload, ahhhh. He is such a cutie!