Thursday, 3 May 2012

Review: The Steamer

Some of you might remember that a few months ago I purchased a garment steamer. the company through Spreets took forever to send it to me, so it wasn't until 3 months later that I got to try it out and review it for you.

The first night I got the steamer into the apartment, I set it up and grabbed a blouse to iron. The setup itself was super easy, with a basic instruction manual that even men could read hehe :P It probably took me all of 10 minutes to setup. The steamer is very compact and easy to move around the place on its wheels. You can also adjust the height of the pole part depending on your height, if you're sitting or standing.

For this review I started by steaming my Portman's work shirt.

This is the basic technique of steaming. The item of clothing is on a coat hanger, which then sits on the steamer hook. When I first got the steamer I kept getting water marks on my clothing, but I have now perfected the art and with a simple change in angle I no longer have water marks.

This is the clothing, lint removal head. The steamer also comes with another head (and a handy carry bag to store the accessories in) for steaming your furniture or blinds. It worked well on our couch.

Unfortunately, after I finished steaming the shirt I realised the time and had to dash off to work, so the only finished photo I have is this one...

Luckily (for the sake of this review) I took photos of my long skirt when I steamed it to.

This skirt took me approximately 10 minutes and no backaches to get crease free.

The left hand side is after a few minutes of steaming, the right is how it originally looked.

10minutes. I swear.

No need to setup ironing boards
No backaches from leaning over a board
Compact, lightweight design with wheels
Super fast
No ironing crease (uno when you iron one part and crease another, or the edge of the ironing board)
Super easy to use - Even my boys can

Water can drop on your clothes if you don't hold it properly
There is no temperature setting (but this is probably because steam is okay with most things)
The water needs to be refilled more often than with an iron

I would recommend a steamer to anyone. For the first time ever in my life, I actually don't freak out when I see creases in the clothes I want to wear to work that day. I loathe ironing, but I have no issues with steaming =)


  1. Such a handy piece of equipment, I hate ironing and def think I need one of these

    1. if you hate ironing then yes this is the way to get your clothes wrinkle free! lol

  2. Such a good idea.. I'm impressed, my ironing piles up for about a month before I do it... Even then I do such a bad job everyone still asks if I have an iron...

    You look good in your pic :)

    1. See I just don't even make a pile lol. Thanks sweety xx

  3. I got a steam iron from KMart few months ago. I don't think I've touched my iron much since. It is good for my everyday ironing needs. It is also perfect for silk and delicate fabrics that are very hard to iron. However I found that it can't cope with thicker materials.

    1. The Portman's shirt abouve is probably the heaviest thing I have tried it with, but I do know you can get different voltages so maybe the higher the better.

  4. I have a steamer at home. It lasted 8 years and it still working.

    1. good to know, I hope mine lasts that long!!

  5. vwery inspiring! i've been meaning to buy a steamer for so long!!!

    The Sydney Girl

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  12. Great review! I'm a shocker with ironing, and have taken to piling all of my 'to be ironed' clothes in the corner of my room, which I avoid looking and and thus never wear. How lazy is that!
    I think a steamer is a great idea. The photo of your yellow shirt really shows how well it works!