Monday, 7 May 2012

Bits & Pieces

 This weekend was pretty quiet. Well actually I had a lot on and felt like I was running around like a mad woman, but there was no partying involved so to me that constitutes a quiet weekend.

Friday night we spent watching espisodes of the American Voice, Saturday I went to dance class and wedding dress shopping (post to come) and then on Sunday I went to lunch with some of my girls at Bitton in Alexandria.

The lunch was suppper yummy, but I was too buys gossipping to remember to take any photos - sorry, you will just have to take my word for it, and if you get the chance, go to bitton! It is a french restaurant owned by David Bitton, who personally greeted us and commented on our beauty (*blush*) like a true french man. My friend Jamila goes there a lot, so we were even given complimentary creme brulee. It was to die for!! I must also mention here how affordable the cafe is - the most expensive lunch item was $24 and if I remember correctly that was seafood. Definitely (I always have trouble spelling that word, who knows why? Definitely not me!hahaha) go and check it out!!

Okay on to my random pictures and ramblings.... 

I went to Ettamogah Pub for my friends birthday last Tuesday. The have 15 different types of Schnitzel.. yes 15!!! This one had bacon, avocado, cheese and hollandaise sauce MnmmNm. The next one I have my eye on has WEDGES ON TOP OF IT!!!

Last Friday at Court the media was going crazy.
 It is hard to see but they were interviewing someone out the front.

 YEY!!! My baby is back on my finger, all clean and looking brand new!

View of the harbour from Federal Court.

A sent this to me this week. It was the red ribbon I told you I had to cut to "enter" my 25th year.
 A's birthday is on Thursday - not sure how I am going to top him, but I will spoil him rotten trying!

my roommate sent me this picture, which was apparently taken on our night at Tharens. I say apparently because I have no recollection of this point in the evening.

everyone has a bottle of Grey Goose stashed beside their bed, right? :P


Present from my bestie - Peter Alexander onesie, complete with bum flap.
I LOOOVEEE IT and want to live in it!

some minor alcohol shopping for next weekend's party. ahaha.

Thought my speedo looked cool (hey! this is a random post lol), when I was dropping A off at the airport last night.
He is away for the next few nights, so I will be star fishing in the bed like there's no tomorrow!!

My costume arrived at work today!!!
I should have believed this warning, but I was waaay too excited not to open it.....

now my desk looks like I attacked a bird. WOOPS!!

How was your weekend?


  1. Haha love the pics.

    Parma looks awesome! I once had a nachos parma which was a little strange. One of my fave local places does a wicked tandoori parma though... yummy!

    1. ooooo Tandoori parma sounds awesome!

  2. I've been wanting to try Bitton for awhile now actually, thanks for the recommendation!

    My weekend was pretty quiet which is always nice.

    1. anytime.. yeah sometimes a quiet weekend is the best!

  3. Haha whenever I go to the Ettamogah I don't even look at the schnitzel menu as I know better than to burden myself with so many options :)

    Looking forward to seeing your costume!

    1. That was my first time there and I loved the schnitzel menu. I tried my costume on last night and i'm very happy with it!

  4. Love your ring! How many halos are around your main stone? It looks beautiful :)

    1. Thank you sweety. There are 3 around the main stone and four around the band.

  5. The pic of you at Tharens is hilarious!

  6. my gosh your ring is amazing girl!

    1. thanks sweety! Would you believe the boy picked it all out himself>?

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  8. I also have trouble with definitley.. I think I got it wrong then.. haha also rediculous? (however it's spelt!)

    And mucho jealous of your onsie... Sooo badly.

    1. I am so inlove with it, I have even made up a butt dance that can only be performed in the onsie! bahahahaha

  9. I love your engagement ring!! soo pretty and sparkly!

    And I see you are wearing that skirt we both got from Asos. I think I will sell mine =[ its too tight on me! =[ you look soo good in it. Its a shame i cant keep it the colour is sooo nice!


    1. Thanks babe. Yess I wore it on my birthday. I can't imagine anything being too tight on you, you have a rocking body!