Saturday, 7 April 2012

Which One?

I think I have found the company that I want to get my showgirl costume from for my birthday party.

I am going to get it from The Burlesque Boutique in the UK. They custom make the costume so it fits perfectly and they are a lot cheaper than the sellers on Etsy and they have lots with feather skirts, which is exactly what I want!

My only problem now is deciding which one to get. I was hoping you guys could help me?

Here are the three I have short listed it to...

I love the different colours in this corset!

but... I think this purple really pops

Lady in red?

The good thing is for only $10 extra they can make it longer in the front for me so I won't be self-conscious all night and drink one too many tequilas!

All of the costumes look even better in the customer gallery they have on their website, but I couldn't save any of those, sorry.

I can't wait to find out what you think...


  1. Ummmm... It's a toss up between the first (pink) and the second (black/purple) for me...

    I think the purple does POP in the second one, but I love the pastel colours in the first one!

    I'm not that big of a red fan so I guess that's why I'm going for the first 2!

    I would say maybe the first for something a bit different from black?

  2. I love the first and the purple in the second. I think red is just over done with burlesque parties - plus most costumes for it on ebay are red.. Go for something that will make you stand out. :)

  3. First or second.. I agree red is typical and you won't stand out.

  4. Purple purple purple. I think that one is awesum!

  5. I LOVE the first one - it's so soft and pretty looking! The 2nd purple does pop indeed, but I think I still prefer the first.

    Agree with everyone else that red is meh for these events...too frequently seen.

  6. The first one is where its at !! I think it would look perfect with your skin tone & it's something different

  7. I'm a fan of the second one. It really does stand out more than the others, and the colour is just stunning!

    Can't wait to see what you choose, and pictures!

    PS/ how did your Good Friday potato bar go? xx

  8. Get the red it'll go perfect with your skin tone and hair colour!! x

  9. Okkk... I have tallied up the votes and it looks like the seconf one may have just pipped the first one. Sorry That Brunette One you are the only one who voted for the red.. I was liking that one, but I do get what everyone is saying about red being over done.

    eeeks Purple it is I guess! :)

  10. I wasn't on the computer over the weekend, but my vote would have been for red too :-P Always my favourite.

    Purple is a good choice though, and it's true about you 'popping' more if others wear red.

    Will you be in charge of decorating? You can tailor that so you look better in the purple than those in red would anyway ;-)