Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Long Weekend!

Before I leave work this afternoon, I just wanted to wish you all in the blogging world, a very happy Easter and a safe long weekend.

I hope you spend the weekend with loved ones, a snuggly bed and maybe a cheeky beverage.
I hope you get to induldge in many chocolate eggs and bunnies, which don't contain calories that don't go to your thighs, bums or belly.
I also hope your weekend goes just as slow as the working week!;)

I'm off to birthday drinks for my roommate now.
Here's what I wore to work today...

Forever 21 blazer and top. Kenji tights.
Wish I could have found a necklace this morning.. ahh well!

Going to take off the white singlet top underneath to sex it up for tonight's occassion!



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