Tuesday, 3 April 2012

TAAAA daaaaaaaaa!!

Last Thursday a parcel arrived at my Office, it was big, brown, awkward and heavy....

it was my STRIPPER POLE!!


The boys installed it for me over the weekend and I was quick to jump on there and practise some moves.
 I know it will get abused at parties, but I don't care.. the more the merrier.

I feel like Kendra orrrrrrrr someone else who also has a stripper pole? hahaha.


  1. haha impressive, it's definately going to cop a hiding at parties!

    1. Friday will be our first test of this theory...I will let you know! lol.

  2. muahahahahaha I LOVE it! is that the famous X pole? I've been wanting one for the longest time but our ceilings are so darn high I would have to buy like 3 extensions and it wouldn't be a safe! CONGRATS

    some videos please??? lol

    1. YES IT IS!!! How did you know? hahahaha....

      do you have a garage or a carport you could put it up in?? I was scared my first turn on this one, because I didn't know how "handy" the boys actually were hahaha.

      I'm not sure I am good enough yet for a video, but maybe some photos soon :)