Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Outfits & Lunch

Honestly, yesterday morning I was feeling pretty darn good in my tight black and white work dress.
I felt like these early morning runs were doing something.
A even commented on how good I looked.

Tra Lalalalalaaaaaaaaa off to work I went.

As soon as I sat at my desk and my boss walked past, it dawned on me...

Now when I say Court, I mean the Court of Appeal in NSW and I don't mean just to file something, but to appear with a Barrister.

For those of you who aren't in law, this means conservative attire, which at the minimum means a jacket.

I had no jacket, all I had was an old white cardigan.

I panicked a little and then I thought I would just buy one at lunch (court was in the afternoon).
I called A and he said he would ask some of the female lawyers at his work.

Luckily, his good friend keeps jackets in her office (a lot of lawyers do), for moments just like this!

I met up with A at lunch, got the jacket, which fit perfectly and I was ready for Court..


not too bad I guess? Normally I would style my hair and try and look a lot better!

Yesterday's lunch was a Nicoise salad from the 12wbt recipes.

It was delicious!

Potatoes, egg, mixed salad leaves, tomato and tuna.. mmmmmMmMm.
Fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow morning...

Today I'm wearing an Asos dress, I last wore at my graduation.
Damn my knees look funny in the above photo.
How does one style their knees?haha

I look a lot more stylish here, partly because it was my graduation and partly because it was the first time I wore the dress.

Am I the only one who saves the "first time" for clothing for a momentous occasion or at least one where you will see a lot of people or take a lot of photos? ahaha.


  1. I alllllways save my outfits for occasions hahaha.
    You looked gorgeous in the first outfit!

    1. thank you honey and i'm glad to see I have fellow savers, I just don't understand those who wear things straight away! hahaha

  2. Not at all! I have dresses I've never worn because they are being saved for occasions! It's like an unwritten law for us girls. Or buying a new dress for special occasions... I love the black and white dress! And you look gorgeous in the graduation pic too :)

    1. Thanks sweety and I know what you mean, I find those in my closet too and think WOOPS... naaaa not special enough yet! hahaha

  3. Haha Totally agree, clothes are always saved for those perfect "first" moments! Glad you found a jacket, the dress looked great by the way.

  4. I save dresses too. Or try to, and get disappointed if their first runs weren't what I deem worthy , lol.
    That was a great team work effort in regards to the jacket for court! Looks fantastic too.

    1. I know what you mean!!!! I get soooo annoyed if no one shows up to the event or we forget to take photos... it just can never be the same the second time around lol.

  5. Omg you looked amazing!! Good job.

    That jacket looked awesome too