Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Weekend that was..

Welllll last weekend was suppose to be a relaxing yet busy weekend with a bunch of different friends and it started of pretty darn well on track....

On Friday night, my friend Priscilla and I walked around Darlinghurst, looking for a suitable place for her upcoming 30th birthday. We didn't find one, but we did find a really yummy Italian restaurant that satisfied our immediate hunger pains. Trovata in East Sydney was deeeliiicccious!


Priscilla had the Pan Fried Chicken Breast stuffed with spinach, sun dried Tomatoes and a dry martini sauce.

I had the Gnocchi. It came with walnuts, spinach, roasted tomatoes and a blue vein cheese sauce. It is by far one of the best Gnocchi I have ever eaten!! I would go back there to eat in a heartbeat.

Saturday morning, saw me rising fairly early to go with Angelo and one of our good friends, Ash, to look at potential places for us to live. We have decided that it would be more cost effective and fun for a year, to move in with a couple of our mates. We have our whole lives together, why not share a new experience together before completely settling down??

The boys checking out the backyard

We checked out two places, the first, as you can see, had an amazing view and was on the water. The boys were very excited about having a place with inbuilt fishing. Unfortunately, I couldn't look past the problems inside the building. The carpet was old, stained and smelt. The "third bedroom" was more like a quarter of a bedroom and the second bedroom was tiny with no built-in. Sorry boys, no can do.

The second place we looked at was an apartment, close to the train station, city and beach. The complex was only a few years old and had a pool, spa, sauna and gym. The apartment was a good size, all the rooms had built ins and it had a massive rooftop balcony, which would be perfect for entertaining.

The one bad thing about it?? WELLLLL…. The people who currently live there, had not moved out on Saturday and let me tell you they lived like pigs!! A tripped on a beer bottle, there was McDonalds wrappers everywhere and the bathrooms were black from mould. We struggled to NOT vomit. Even though we love the place to bits, I will not be agreeing to anything until we see that it has been cleaned properly. I couldn't even believe the agent let anyone see it in that state.

After the house inspections, I had a laser hair removal appointment at Inhouse Laser and then I took Ash to pick up a coffee table he had bought earlier in the week. On this earlier trip, I tried to convince him to buy the above bunk bed, but I guess he thought he was too old for it?? Hmmph! The below bed is one I fell in love with, I have loved white leather beds (judge me if you will), ever since we slept in one in Palm Springs, but this one with the pop-up TV is just another level. A loved it when I showed him.

After a quick nap, we met our friends at Ash's current place for pre drinks before going out. A told me to dress up, I did and well we didn't go anywhere?! Luckily these are my favourite boys in the world, so I was happy to stay in with them. After a few drinks, there were a lot of laughs and situations like the one below…

Our Best Man

Sunday morning, I woke up ready to go to Pancakes on the Rocks for my SIL's birthday and meet up with my high school friends for dinner, but unfortunately my body had other plans for me.

MIGRAINE!!! FOR 2 DAYS I was stuck in bed with a migraine :( I hate hate hate them!! A didn't know what to do to help me, but he was so cute as he helped my mum put a blanket over the window to eliminate all light, grab me a bucket when I felt nauseous and just hold me for hours as I tried to sleep. I wish I knew a quick way to get rid of them, because even 5 of the tablets I have for Migraines did not help me this time.

If you made it to this point in my post, YOU probably have a migraine now too :P
Does anyone else get migraines? What do you do to make them go away?

Today I managed to crawl back to work, still struggling to focus, but a lot better. Can't wait for the V day surprise that awaits me tonight...



  1. I cannot stress how good acupuncture is!!!!! You need to find yourself a good acupuncturist. They will pinpoint exactly where and why you get them. Some are even covered by private health if you have it. I found one in Sydney for you http://www.acupuncturefordepression.com.au/OT-acupuncture_migraine.html take a look, it's quite interesting and make sure you are drinking plenty of water!

    1. I don't why my post looked like it was written by a crazy person. Well from my computer the spacing is all weird! But yes acupuncture is the way to go !

    2. I'm going to check it out! Thank you so much Sophie, I'll pass this on to my mum as well, she suffers so much worse and more often than I do.