Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My Valentines Day

S'agapo- the name of my blog means "I Love You" in Greek. Apart from some silly rude words, it is the only Greek that A has taught me that I remember. Considering that, it should come as no surpise to you that I do enjoy Valentines Day. Yes, I agree that you should not only do romantic things or say how you feel on this particular day, but I also don't think that an excuse to go out on a date or spend alone time has ever hurt a couple either?

For Valentines Day this year and every year after, A and I have decided that one of us will be the present buyer and the other will be the romantic planner. I think both parties in a relationship should get spoilt, boys love the flowers, presents and mushy stuff too, even if they won't admit it!

As you know, A and I don't live together so V day started off with a morning text message, a facebook post and a two minute hug at the CBD train station we both work near.

My card to A, inside it read "right next to yours" - i'm a cornball!

At lunch time, I then made a delivery to A's work (he only works a block away from me). His package included 2 Ghermez cupcakes and a box of red roses. After I told the receptionist I had a delivery for him, she tried to call him straight away until I stopped her and asked her to wait for me to leave (Duh!). She then asked who she should say the package was from, I told her not to worry, he would know :)

I also bought A his very first fishing rod, so he could join the boys in their latest obsession.

A's desk today 

For his part, A had told me to pack my toothbrush and a change of clothes for work the next day. When I asked if I should pack clothes to go out in, he replied, "if you want to". Hmmmm… sneaky sneaky.

 I met A at 5.30pm near my work and he handed me this single red rose, which had "I Love You" written on one petal.

My rose & I in my Target work dress.

 He wouldn't tell me where we were walking to or why I couldn't stop for a $1 cheeseburger (I was very hungry!!), but he did hint that he might just be making me walk around in circles and he was. When we finally stopped walking, I realised that we were at the Sofitel, which is only a few blocks from my work. I always admire the grand chandeliers in the foyer of this hotel, so I was super excited when we walked in, didn't check in and went straight to our room.

 Foyer at the Sofitel

As I walked in the room, I saw this trail of chocolates and A said "follow the trail"

I followed the trail to find the bed like this, with a bag of goodies.

After I excitedly looked through all my goodies A told me I had 30minutes until dinner and it was up to me if I wanted to change, but maybe I shouldn't get too dressed up.


 I wore this Kookai top and skirt.

(on a side note, I really need to get my camera fixed, my iPhone takes horrible photos)

We went down to level 5 and wullahhh we were there – the Garden Court restaurant at the Sofitel. A had booked us in for the Valentines menu, complete with another massive long stemmed red rose. This was perfect to me, because I'd rather be eating, chatting or snuggling with A then running around the city or catching a cab to go to dinner.

The pictures tell the rest of the story….

The menu was a scroll like this, that was opened to reveal what we would be eating

A waiter came out to hand me this rose
(note to self- seriously need to see gym more often)

My favourite of the night

 Cocktail? don't mind if I do.

The plush bed, lots of cuddle time, amazing food and late wake up for work made this a PERFECT Valentines day for me xxx


  1. Oh WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you guys are such romantics! What a story and boy does he spoil you suchhhh a lucky girl !!!!

    1. hehehehe if you mean cornballs/lovey luv monsters- yes we are! I am sooo lucky, it was a great night <3

  2. Hi lovely!!

    Just wanted to let you know you were the lucky winner of my Valentine's Day giveaway on An Obsession With The Fabulous! If you could email here: with your adress details I'll get your prize sent off to you xx

    1. Oh wow! How exciting! I never win anything, thanks honey, i'll email you now :)

  3. Sounds like a great Valentine's Day :-)

  4. You guys are adorable!
    I don't understand all the hate towards Valentine's Day, it's just an excuse to do something sweet for each other - how can you dislike that!

    1. I totally agree! A and I said this to each other this morning actually, we were like why are there so many haters on Valentines? It is usually the people in relationships too! hehe

  5. Awww, how sweet! Such a romantic treat

    1. He did well, not sure how I will top it next year :)

  6. MOU! This is amazing!! haha You need to get your greek man to talk to my greek man lol!

    This looks beautiful, I hope you guys had an amazing time!

    1. I'm going to look really stupid but what is MOU?? hahaha

      My greek man can talk greek to your greek man all about their greekness and the history of greek romance bahahaha, sorry just wanted to say Greek a million times :)

      We had the best time, thanks darling xx

  7. Wow Such a romantic... I think my boy needs some training haha!!! You lucky thing!! :) x