Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pole. Atomic. Outfit.

CAUTION: POLE DANCING HURTS!!!!! Kids do not try this at home! Remember I told you that I had started pole dancing? Well we are in to our 7th week now and we are going to try and take a few photos next week to share with you, but first I thought I would show you what pole dancing does to your body.

From standing on the pole

These bruises are in addition to the muscle aches and pains. If I didn't love doing it I would surely stop :)

I got a manicure on my lunch break today before my holiday. I needed something bright to go with the mood i'll be in over there :) I decided to not go with Shellac this time, as my nails need a rest from it, they are getting even thinner.

OPI Atomic Orange and my afternoon V (I need it today)

Outfit today.

 A bit fuzzy.
Review skirt
No idea about the blouse
Novo Wedges
Diva necklace (just like this one, but in black)


  1. And your nails matched OOTD :-) Yay

    Pole dancing does seem dangerous, I only tried it once (at the Melb bloggers meet) and ended up with a bruise on my ankle. The results must be awesome though :-) (if you're coordinated that is)

    1. I am not coordinated, should I give up now? LOL.

  2. Yowch!!! look at those bruises!
    Totally cute outfit and looooveee the manicure.
    Shellac made my nails soooo thin but I am so addicted to it's glossiness !

    1. Thanks babe. This manicure has chipped already, maybe the weakness is worth it!!

  3. Owwuch! Such a cute outfit! look at your legs!!

  4. Ouuuuucchhh!! It hurts to look at it!... Love the colour of your nails :) x