Monday, 27 February 2012


On Saturday night, A and I attended my friends engagement party. It was a great night with yummy food and some old school tunes.

I wore this dress from Princess Polly,
skinny dark brown belt and brown Novo wedges.

A and I didn't know anyone except the couple and her parents, so when we weren't making small talk with other guests, I amused myself with the decorations. The names of the couple celebrating are Chris and Christine, so they had these large C's on the table.

But are they only C's? What else could they be useful for???

A nipple ring?

A bag holder?

a bracelet?

a Bull?

Doctor DJ?

A halo?

An earring?

a Devil?

Unfortunately, the bliss of celebrating with the engagement of this couple did not last all weekend, as we had a family "discussion" on Sunday about my last post.

I read all of the advice you girls gave me and I tried to take it on board, even when I felt like whatever I said wasn't good enough. I remained calm and collected and I can quite happily say I did not say anything I am embarrassed of or will regret later. I merely stated how I felt and why I felt that way.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for everyone, as one person even remarked "if the venue is so important to you, maybe you should reconsider why you're even getting married". - HARSH!! I sat there gobsmacked, while A did all he could to defend our relationship and me.

I hate this situation, I wish this never happened. I hate that he has to stick up for me to them and I hate that it feels like "us and them". I hate it all and I just wish they could be like my blog readers and just get it. Just get why a bride dreams of a venue. They haven't committed any money yet, so in my mind, if situations were reversed, I wouldn't even hesitate to go elsewhere.

Argghhh it is not even about the venue anymore unfortunately :(

It has become a matter of whose needs/wants are more important and of course I am the callus, cold hearted one, because theirs involves a baby! :(

This holiday can't come soon enough!!!


  1. Cutest photos!!
    Sorry to hear the situation isnt any better and that comment about the I would of been more than gobsmacked! Has anyone come to any conclusions? x

    1. Yeahhh i'm not going to lie, I balled like a baby! No, they are making their decision today, we asked to be notified. All I said was that I have said what I can and I can't make your decision for you, but I also cannot say that if you chose to ignore our wishes that it won't hurt also.

  2. wow. all i can say, i wish my adventure with my inlaws were tamer like yours, but mine invovled public name calling, lying and backstabbing, whilst i did nothing. at least you were able to talk to them about it and try be civil.
    ours went beyond that and police were involved - and not for the fact a hall was doubled booked, but the violence that came about the name calling i endured.
    inlaws - waste of time and space! hate them!

    1. wow! I'm sorry to hear that!! That must have been horrible for you and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

      I do know that people go through way worse dramas than I am, I am just not use to this and using my blog to vent about the things which keep me up at night.

  3. oh sweetie i feel so bad for you. But honestly look at it like this, you are going to end up marrying the man you love, dont worry too much about venue and OUT....I mean IN LAWS!!!!

    Worry about building your life with your partner, and the fun times ahead. Hopefully you dont end up having to live with them like I do :( NOT FUN.

    To them this is not worth fighting over, it is just a venue. It holds no sentimental value or anything. Greeks will always hold money over and above EVERYTHING! I should know I'm half Greek. The fact that they might get a discount is what is important to them. Are they paying? If they are then don't stress about it, I'm sure you can make it amazing still. I went through a lot of shit with mine, would i do it all again.....hell no i dont think so. I would like to have eloped!

    1. That is exactly what my mum keeps saying to me :)

      The thing is I am over fighting about it, we are paying for the majority of our own wedding, which was another reason it was important to me to have a place we chose that was special to us. Both A and I are over all of this, we are hurt by the nasty things that have been said to us and the cross-examination I was put under to justify what "special" meant.

      We will have an amazing wedding no doubt, I just wish A didn't have to get hurt as much in the process. I can deal with them not understanding me, but not what it is doing to me as well :(

  4. Hahahahahaa your photos! Glad you found a way to amuse yourself.

    It's the worst when the Mr is stuck in the middle, you want to let it go for his sake but you also don't want to be treated like a child.

    1. If only A was as amused as I was! :)

      Exactly and I know these posts are probably making me sound so superficial, but it has really gone beyond that point. I just can't post about everything that has been said or done.

  5. I am dating a guy and his mother is the mother from hell. My friend Leah above an vouch for that also. I have learnt instead of fighting fire with fire you just back down and they HATE IT. Greeks love drama. They thrive in it. I don't talk to my boyfriends mum and I never will . You just have to let them go about your business and you go about your's.

    1. Sophie, you know what?? I have decided to do exactly that. A and his family need to mend this, but I don't. I will smile politely, but I don't need to tell anyone anything anymore... I don't even care about any of it. It is just about me and A and as long as he is happy, I don't care.

    2. Exactly what Sophie said! Just back away from the conflict :) they'll hate it.