Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Diva Demands

I have been avoiding writing this blog just a little bit, because our last venue hunt left me rather deflated. I know I have said this before and I am sure I just saw like a "give up" kind of person, which I think is the opposite of what I am, but this whole venue hunt leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I know I have seen all of the possible venues on the Internet and I am just getting scared my ideal one isn't out there…..

Deckhouse was the latest venue we saw on Saturday morning right before we went to A's cousins wedding (will blog soon). It is in Woolwich in Sydney and is absolutely stunning, I love the water views, the warehouse feel, the exclusive use of the venue and how all the glass doors open up on to the deck.

BUUT and of course there is a BUUUTTT… as we left, me smiling and contemplating our big day there, A bought me back to reality with the talk of $$$$. I think we have a pretty lenient budget and if push comes to shove I know we are the type who will stretch it for things we really want, buuutt A doesn't like the idea of paying for ridiculous things and after a while I got his point.

Deckhouse's standard package for a 5hour, 3 course event is $145 per person, which includes your food and beverages and not much more to be honest.
You must pay extra for:
  • Your dance floor- small $500, large $1500
  • Canapes
  • Chair covers
  • Plus your MC, DJ, Decorations, Cake etc.

Is it reasonable to expect that dance floor hire is included in a wedding venue or are we simply too new to this???

Has anyone added up the saving or price differences when some of this stuff is included and when it is completely not?

I know most packages won't cover everything, but I guess I would like a dance floor, canapes and chair covers to start with?? Are these diva demands? :S

I don't want to rule this place out yet as it is BEAUTIFUL but I can't ignore this either..


  1. Gah this place looks Amazing with a Capital A! I hope you sort out the extra's its defiantly something to consider!

  2. We looked at Deckhouse, to many additional costs... it worked out to be $210 ph... for something in the inner west, where the view after sunset will disappear? Not worth it if you ask me... esp when 3 chef -hatted QUAY would be $220ph lol...

  3. yeahh I think it is really shocking how expensive it is in comparison to those who have been in the wedding business for years and have built up a great reputation!! Where did you end up going with Tickles?

  4. We went with The Loft at Doltone House, Pyrmont. Have been brutal with guest list to fit everyone in. Have you tried Doltone? Have you considered a Sunday Wedding? It's cheaper x

  5. Doltone house is beautiful!! We went to an open day early on but never went back really... maybe i'll go check it out! Not a big fan of the Sunday-ness.. I know it will save me money, but I guess it is just on my no list atm :)

  6. We had no choice, my church will only marry on a Sunday! We were devo at first... But I don't mind it anymore. Most people are taking the Monday off anyways :) the oldies will go home and youngies continue to party!