Friday, 4 November 2011

My 5cents!

I have been a busy blogger today, haven't I??

Well I wasn't going to blog anymore before the weekend but there are two things I cannot resist to blog about..

  1. X Factor
  2. Miss Kim K

X Factor is crap Factor

YEPPPPP that's right I went there and I said that!! I do admit that I have watched several episodes of this show, but that is mainly to laugh at how Natalie's screams go higher in pitch every episode. Aside from the ammunition that Natalie gives my mum and I to gossip about, the actual singers on this show (and by this I mean the majority and NOT every one) are terrible!!! One night we even sat there adjusting the audio on our television set because we thought that must be why we think each person sounds horrible and the judges do nothing but praise them?? But no, no setting made each act sound good. There are a few that are good, but these can't be the best singers in Australia right now, but ohhh that's right, Natalie didn't take on a good signer because "she couldn't teach her anything"- is that fear of competition right there??!

The lack of talent is just one of the many factors, which points to this show merely being an ego trip for the judges, rather than a show aimed at finding talent or Australia's "next big thing". Judges are picking songs and themes they like and do not seem to consider what the artist wants/needs to perform. What does this lead to? The artists singing songs without conviction and songs, which they can't vocally perform, but this all seems okay with the judges who constantly comment, "the vocals weren't perfect but it was a great performance". UMMMMM am I the only one saying WHAT THE??? If good vocals aren't necessary on a show about singing, then where should we except to see them? On a dancing show???

The focus on the judges winning also seems to be highlighted when they constantly allow the votes to go to a "deadlock" and let Australia choose, when there is clearly one act that is better than the other. It is clear from where I am sitting, this is simply because they want the better act to fail to give their act a clearer chance of winning. Hence why I believe this show is about the judges and not finding talent.

Miss Kim K

I, like many others, wanted to believe in this lovely fairytale with the beautiful ring, cute proposal and lavish wedding. After her sisters very short engagement, I was not one to speculate a divorce either- I hoped she would have the romance her sister appears to have, but as we all know this is not the case.

Everyone saw the alarm bells going off prior to the marriage- the focus being solely on her, the quick move to get married, the production like wedding and the enormous amount of money made on the wedding itself. These do not all point to the wedding being a sham, but they do not point otherwise either. I have read the articles about channel E supposedly hunting potential husbands for Kim and the claims that it was all staged, but to me, the thing that points to this being a sham or a grab for attention- is this- being madly in love and engaged myself (like she supposedly was) there is noooo wayyyyyyyyy in heckkk (aside from a huge case of betrayal) that I would walk away from the person I am in love with in under 3months!! There is no way I would kiss my marriage goodbye without a fight, without giving everything I had and without a substantial amount of time passing to ensure this was the right decision. That's me and I don't have everyone in the world betting my marriage won't last- if I did I would make it last EVEN LONGER! Hahahahah

As for the talk about what she will do with her wedding presents, I heard her mother's interview where she stated that the presents would be given to a children's charity or some other charity….. my 5 cents on this??? PEOPLE IN NEED OF CHARITY, WHO ARE LESS FORTUNATE, SICK OR STARVING DO NOT NEED 200piece dinner set and diamond encrusted champagne glasses!!!!!! This is clearly just a poor attempt of hers to keep the many fans she will lose through this whole ugly mess.

Will I remain a Kim fan? To be honest, I have always been more of a fan of Khloe's from the start anyways… soo not watching the boring, stiff, fame whore that is Kim will not change my life. If I am going to waste my time watching the lives of celebrities, like I often do, it will be watching someone who is honest, not always dolled up and funny- like Kendra! :)

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