Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Sandy's beautiful wedding

I was Maid Of Honour on the weekend for my beautiful friend, Sandy.

It was a lovely day and wasn't ruined for a second by the rain, which lasted only long enough for the entire photo taking session :) Luckily, the photographers had a back up plan and we took a bunch of photos at Martin Place… below is the photographer's sneak peek (put up the night of the wedding- talk about promptness!).

Who would know this shot was a back up plan?

The guys at Createv Photography are just amazing!
Check them out on FB.

sooo pretty!

We had to line up behind other brides for this shot
Well worth it!

Sandy is also very lucky to have a large extended family who are very talented! The hair was done by her Uncle and he also did the flowers! The cake (which I will post up later) was made by a family friend and the MC was another family friend. It added a special touch to the whole day too.

Flowers by Uncle

I had never been to a Lao wedding before and I really love how much the family is involved and I even managed to break out a few traditional moves ;)

Few FB shots....

The Church I feel in love with- amazing!!!

This was my fav dance partner all night!
He is sooooo tiny

Our dresses look a lil blue here,
but there were a beautiful purple.


  1. The bride looks stunning! Her dress is gorgeous!

  2. Lovely! Where's your bridesmaid dresses from?


  3. she is a gorgeous girl and never more so than on her wedding day!

    Tickles- it was from whetherill park. I can't remember the name, but if you know the stores along hurlstone park road- there is a bridal store there too! We had to order them months ago and they are actually a beautiful purple colour.