Friday, 8 February 2013

Who runs the world? Girls!

I love a good night/day out with my girls. The endless chatter about things your fiance only tries to seem interested in and the jokes that only you and your girls find funny.
I had a huge dose of female love last weekend.
On Friday night, I met a few girls that I use to work with for what my friend R described as a "cheap and nasty night". And that it was my friends!
Unfortunately it was pouring down rain in Sydney just before we were going to meet, and I had know jacket, but luckily R had a spare leather jacket in her office that I borrowed. She insisted that this jacket was made for me, hence the pose.
What I love about Friday night drinking is that because you start early, it is socially acceptable to finish early and still be able to get a train home, which is exactly what I did about 12.30am.
I felt fine just before we were leaving, so thought there was no harm in quickly downing my last glass of wine - Oh Sarah will you never learn?! After about 5 minutes on the train I realised I was intoxicated, legless, drunk, blind as a skunk.. you name it, I was probably it!
I looked at my phone and saw a message from A earlier asking me where I was, this was my response...
Poor guy must have freaked out!! I didn't mean to write that but I couldn't see my phone properly, let alone type and i'll also blame stupid autocorrect! I cleared it all up and then was very happy to see A at the train station waiting for me when I got off; such a sweetheart!
On Sunday I met up with my 3 bridesmaid's for a champagne (hmm starting to see a reoccurring theme here? ) brunch and a bridal expo.
We couldn't leave out my MOH who is currently living in Colombia, so we made sure she had a spot.
We ate at Cyren in Darling Harbour, and whilst our Waiter was lovely, the food took way too long to come out and then my poor girls who ordered eggs Benedict were faced with a long plate with 2 muffins sliding around it on top. There was no garnish, no prettiness, no nothing.
My Mediterranean breakfast was delicious, but I still don't think I would return.
Going to the bridal expo slightly tipsy, we had a ball!
Highlights: Of course the photo booths, the fondue freebies, cake testing, the awful awful drag queen at the fashion show, the ketut and rhonda lollies and the boys in the fashion show who cheekily decided to show what was under their kilt ;)
Ketut loves Rhonda
Cons: There was only one way in and out, which was really frustrating. Only one cake place out of 6 had samples - I need a cake, samples would have helped me! For our $20 each I didn't even get one free bridal magazine.
Cake pops cake
All in all it was such a fun day with lots of girly silliness and I can't wait for more adventures out with my bridesmaids all together.
What's something you always do with your girls?
Have you done movies and sleepovers recently? I know it is a bit cliche, but after typing the question, now I want to do it! hehe.

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