Monday, 18 February 2013

My Valentines

I'm not sure if you remember last year's post, which you can see here, but I mentioned last year that A and I came to an agreement that each year 1 of us would be the present buyer and the other would be the organiser of the plans/supriser.
This worked our perfectly for this year, with all our wedding related expenses.
I was the supriser this year and I was so so so excited for the night, way more than A because I knew what was in store!
At around 4:30pm, I got an email from security saying "parcel for you" and I thought nothing of it, A doesn't usually send me things to work and I thought it was probably just something boring I had ordered for my office, plus I was busy trying to get out of work on time, so I thought I'd just leave it.
At 5pm I get a call from security "Sarah we are going to eat your chocolates" to which I replied "What chocolates? Ooooo it's a special package!" and I ran downstairs to see what it was...
My first EVER box of a dozen long stemmed roses, ohh how I loved them!!!
Of course, I think boys are entitled to flowers as well and at lunch time I had picked these up for A. He looks thrilled to be holding them doesn't he? :P
We headed down towards darling harbour, and with some time to spare, we ducked into a bar for a beginning cocktail.  

I forget what it was called, but it was tequila based and delicious!
After our cocktail we continued on our journey, and I was being all secretive until I couldn't find the entrance to the place and we had to turn around... then A got cluey and said "We're not going to the Wildlife Park are we?"
Even when I said yes he didn't believe me and then I explained how we were getting canapes, a sit down meal with the Koalas and drinks for 3 hours.
He couldn't stop hugging me and telling me how well I did in planning the surprise. He was so excited.
I loved this little echnida!
The night was great - we started by wandering around looking at the animals, sipping on champagne and eating entree canapes.
Only 15 couples were allowed, so it was nice and intimate - it felt like the whole place was open just for us!
We had a Kangaroo talk.
Our restaurant for the evening.

Then we sat down for a sit down dinner, we shared our meals and let me tell you, this food was good if I was in a restaurant, let alone in a wildlife park - it was beyond my expectations!
It was also awesome that these little guys were in the trees around us. After we finished eating, A then surprised me with 2 necklace and earring sets. As long as I am with this man, I will never ever need to buy myself jewellery.
Darling Habour even provided us with a fireworks display.

After dinner, desert canapes were served and then we found out about the giant 5mtr, 700kg croc!
By the end of the talk, I think it is safe to say that I was rather "Merry"

This is my collage labelled "you can't take me anywhere", which A said multiple times that night hehehe.
At 9:45pm we were told that we could run through Madame Tussuad's next door before it closed if we wanted to. Wanted to? of course we do!

A and I dashed through taking photos with as many wax figures as we could.
It was such a fun night and the next day A was still telling me how much he enjoyed it!
Can't wait to marry that man xx


  1. Seriously just awwwwww that sounds like an amazing night! You two are just so cute. He sounds like a real sweetie too :)

  2. Your Valentines Day sounded perfect. I knew Taronga Zoo did a nighttime dinner thing like that but I didn't realise the Wildlife Park also did. Putting it on my To-Do list.

    1. ooooH I only knew Taronga did a sleep over thing, ok that is on my to-do list now too!