Thursday, 20 September 2012

Aspro Blu (Melbourne)

We had no idea where we wanted to go for our 3 year anniversary dinner in Melbourne. We wanted somewhere nice, but more importantly delicious!!

A being the researcher he is, looked up many reviews and comments about lots of restaurants in Melbourne, and surprised me with Aspro Blu in Hardware Lane.
Something to celebrate.. he still loves me!
I love Greek food and A loved the fact that they had so many raving reviews!!! They didn't have a menu on their website, but A was confident enough with the reviews and booked a table (something he would never normally do, so I knew the reviews must have been out of this world).

Dress- Dat Girl (

When I saw the menu I almost died with excitement... Everything read "definition of yum" and I wanted to order the whole menu twice, but I contained myself by remembering that the bodycon dress (by Dat Girl of course) probably wouldn't let me!

We started with my fav - a trio of dips!! The dips were awesome and the breads were plentiful, from memory it was around the $15 mark.

Calamari - A's favourite and it was delicious, fresh and grilled (around the $13 mark). A said it was the closest to what he use to eat in Greece.

These were fetta and I think ricotta balls? Sorry it's hard to remember but I do remember that they were delicious and the sauce had a bit of a kick to it. Also around that $13 mark. I savoured every bite of these bad boys.

After our 3 entrees we were feeling how our delightful French waiter said we might - pretty full, but it was a special occasion so we weren't stopping anytime soon!

Bring on the mains...

Slow roasted lamb. Greeks always do lamb so well and this fall of the bone and melt in my mouth lamb was no exception. From memory it was around $24. Ohh and the gravy sort of thing that came with it, well I could of drank it, it was that scrummy. yep I said scrummy lol.
Chat potatoes - I love A's mums potatoes so I can't say these were assss good as them, but they were a great side nonetheless.
(there is chicken underneath there)
Chicken with some sort of balsamic sauce that let me tell you was some of the juiciest, sauciest chicken I have ever ever eaten!! I litterally held in every mouthful, closed my eyes and enjoyed it. A couldn't get over my reaction, then he tried it.. he stopped teasing me.

A said this food rivaled his yiayias ( the biggest compliment a Greek can give) and I enjoyed every second of it.

The ambience was great, and the service was impeccable.

If your a melbournite or visiting Melbourne I suggest you try Aspro Blu... You can even take your Greek friends there ;)
We finished the night off with a cocktail or two  at Gin Palace. 

Twas a GREAT night.


  1. Yes! I have been here before the food is SO good hahah I cannot believe you had enough restaint to hold yourself back..but I guess the dress was a good enough excuse!

    LOVE your jacket in the last photo

    1. hashahaah the only thing I restrained myself from getting was the Pork as a main as well.

      Thanks hun, you just reminded me to put up where it was from xx

  2. Fetta and ricotta balls sound AMAZING! I need to get myself to Melbourne and to this restaurant STAT.

    I love the colour of that dress too! xx

  3. Congratulations on another anniversary, and honey you look amazing! So skinny and toned and smokin!! Well done xxxx

  4. Love Aspro Blu! We tried to get in on Friday night but they were fully booked :(
    The lamb and the donuts are my favourites!

    1. I was too full by the time it was dessert, but we saw them and thought they looked amazing.

  5. That restaurant sounds great!! Next time I visit Melb I am so going there. What a lovely way to celebrate :)

  6. Ohhh I need a place to take M when we are down in melbs for part of our honeymoon. It also happens to be his bday when we are down there.