Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Melbourne in photos

9 days off work will always equal a happy Sarah!!
I spent the first 5 of those days in Melbourne and the remaining in the Hunter Valley. It was our 3 year anniversary and it was so good to see A for such a long period in a row.
Here is a wrap up of how the Melbourne portion went..
The first day I was there A surprised me with my present - a helicopter ride over Melbourne!!!
I am terrified of heights and had no idea until I was almost in the helicopter, sitting next to the Pilot with my feet resting on a clear floor.
It was amazing and so much smoother than I could have ever imagined, smoother than most planes!
On the Sunday we hired a car and went to St Kilda, Brighton and Phillip Island for the penguin parade... HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY???
We couldn't stop talking to them and basically had to get kicked out.
Pet peeve- people who put their iPhone flashes right in the little ones eyes- YOU'RE the reason why these things get shut down.
The day was awesome, unfortunately both of our phones died before the trip home... I thought we would be fine with signs, we weren't and got massively lost. Has anyone heard of Crib Point? I've been there now! lol
Where are all your signs Victoria?!
Monday night I met up with some old Melbourne friends and we went to Movida aqui, it was yummmy and I really enjoyed it, but I wouldn't say it was the best tapas EVER!
After dinner we went to The Toff for drinks...
Mango dress, Kookai vest, Friend- Bec :)
I got my drink in a bubble cup - alcoholic and all - winner!
On one of the other days, we met up with a Sydney friend for brunch at Pancake Parlour... i'm not pancake's number 1 fan, but I don't mind going to these kind of places once in a while...
I got the Eggs Benedict on Buckwheat pancake, it was yum.
Here is a question for any foody followers, are poached eggs suppose to be runny? I always thought they were, but mine weren't....
See anything disturbing about my boarding pass? EH HEM!!!
Saturday aka helicopter flying outfit... Kookai vest, Bettina Liano Jeans, black boots and leotard.
I didn't do much shopping this time, I was too busy doing Dat Girl work during the day and eating at night haha, but it was a really great trip and i'm hoping to get down once more before A leaves.



    What an awesome surprise, how sweet is A!

    Yum yum I love Pancake Parlour!

    1. Thanks, he really did outdo himself! x

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I love the last photo of A looking bored while you snap away.. dim does that too haha

    1. Thanks, hahaha he is learning to "assume the position".

  3. Happy Anniversary :-)

    And yes, poached eggs are definitely supposed to be runny but cafes etc frequently over cook them and they taste yucky :-(

    hmm now I want poached eggs...

    1. I thought so, but because I wasn't sure I didn't want to send it back and potentially make an ass out of myself lol. Thanks hun x