Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The real life Shire

A was back in Sydney this weekend, so naturally we celebrated by consuming wayyy too many drinks!!!

On Friday night, when I picked him up from the airport he  was sooo excited that he was talking super fast and I had to remind him to breathe. He  also kept making comments like "yeyyy oceann.." or "woohooo look at this sunny day, sunshine yeaahhh". lol.

We invited a few friends over for drinks, who A squashed with his big Greek bear hugs each time and then proceeded to munch on snacks, have straight Vodka shots (why oh why do we do this to ourselves?) and play Xbox Connect.

It was a great night and we slept for a good 10hours before we had to see the state of our apartment. Apparently throwing popcorn, cheese and breaking glasses was the theme for the night?

The family (A, I and our house mates) needed a greasy brunch of burgers and chips, before we were ready to face the world and then we didn't even face it. We felt sorry for ourselves in the lounge room all day, before we prepared for a night out in The Shire.

I had recently given one of my girls my old brown clip in extensions, because I no longer have brown hair and had only worn them a couple of times. She was wearing them on Saturday night, so I decided I would wear my blonde ones.. I haven't worn them in a good 9months!!

curls get the girls

I really enjoyed curling them and the feeling of long, thick, luscious hair.. I think these will be making a comeback!

When the entire house was glammed up, we headed over the bridge (yes, the one that's always on the show) for our night out....

you get an idea of the top from this picture..

I wish I took an outfit shot.. I was wearing my Witchery black rope top, red Kmart skinnies, Wittner black pumps and my white blazer.

We started at a friends house (where I consumed my second bottle of Moscato for the weekend) before we headed to Carmens, which was apparently having a reopening...

If you could see "The Shire" in a nightclub, that was it!

Lots of blondes, lots of skimpy outfits, aussie men and summer tans.

my makeup got drunk too

The club was way too packed and the security was way too strict, constantly telling people to move out of certain places... but luckily we were with great friends and had an awesome night, despite feeling a lil out of place.

My friend above was told by a girl that she looked like Niki Minaj. We aren't sure if this was just because she was the only brown person in the club, but it gave us a good laugh.

One of our other friend's girlfriends is tiny and cannot drink very much, so the night was cut short when she needed to go home.

As soon as we walked out of the club, I stood on a part of the footpath, which joined the nature strip and BAM! DOWN I WENT in my huuuggee heels! By this time, there were only a few of us left and the boys and my bestie quickly ran to my aid... helping me up and taking off my heels.

I had hurt my ankle BAD, but I didn't even cry.. I'm proud of myself.

One of the boys gave me both of his shoes instantly and proceeded to piggy back me back to my friend's place.

This guy has broken ribs people!!! What a sweetheart.

I felt bad and tried to walk, so he gave me his shoes, but then he had none and I felt bad again... so in our drunken wisdom, we decided that I would wear one of each of the boys shoes, so they still had one on each. Makes sense right?


We then had a piggyback race down the street, I shared some hot chips with my friend's puppy, felt nauseous in a cab, followed by a mad dash from the cab to our apartment , scared the crap out of my guy friend by pulling out my extensions and fake lashes (he then tugged on my girls hair to see if it was real) and passed out on the couch with A.

This.. my friends, is the real life Shire and a hell of a lot more entertaining then the scripted stuff channel 10 is showing right now, don't you think? :P

side note: I had yesterday off work nursing my ankle, but today most of the swelling is gone and I'm walking a lot better.


  1. LOL love the look in the last pic!
    You are gorgeous though, perfect blonde hair!

    1. It was a very sexy look.. i'm thinking of rocking it more often :P thanks honey xx

  2. Love the extensions on you!

    1. Thanks hun I love them too.. I just get lazy lol.

  3. simply gorgeous!

    Check out my giveaway xx

  4. You look stunning! you look a little like Rachel Adams!! =]

    Hahaha yes i think your night is much more entertaining than that garbage on channel 10!


    1. Thanks Veronica... I would have laughed if I watched it all back hahaha.

  5. Hahaha love that last photo! How chivalrous of the boys to give you their shoes!
    Love those hair extensions too, gorgeous

    1. It was really sweet of them.. I felt very loved! Thank you honey xx

  6. The hair extensions look AMAZING!!! Hope ur ankle is better x

  7. lol that was an awesome post, much more entertaining then the show!!

    Love the shoes!!

    haha and the fact he got freaked out by the extensions!


  8. Haha yes the shire is fun, that show makes it look terrible though. I tend to avoid Carmens and northies now as they make you feel so old and outdated as ur not 18 or 19 anymore, And I'm not that old haha. Hope your ankles feeling better, lots of ice and rest. High heels are always a bit of a devil. Love the extensions.