Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I was never a hugely best friend kind of girl, but my best friend Alia and I have been besties since I was 19.

We share a lot in common, have a lot of differences, love things, hate things, gossip, tell secrets.. do all the things best friends should do.

Unfortunately, one of the things my best friend loves to do is travel...

When we were 20 we took our first trip overseas together and went to south east asia, about a year later Alia moved to Chile on student exchange for a year, (I visited her there 6 months through her exchange) she came back and 6 months later I moved to Canada for exchange for 6months. 2 months after I moved to Canada, Alia moved back to Chile indefinitely - she came back after just over a year, that was around mid last year...

In May this year she went back overseas to Europe and South America for... what she has promised will be no longer than a year, (it was originally only for 3 months) which means she will be back at the end of May, with the wedding in November.

Over the course of our friendship we have gotten use to chatting over skype, facebook, emails and the like. Sometimes we get slack, but usually we are pretty good with keeping in contact.

Sometimes though it gets hard, I miss her.. I miss having her responses to things happening in my life or her as a sounding board to bounce of little things, which don't seem significant enough to put in an email...

She is my maid of honour and so I think this makes it even harder. She wasn't there when I found my dress or booked most things for the wedding... I am glad she will be back 6 months before, but damn I told her this morning I feel like a soldier's wife (no disrespect intended, I know that is clearly a lot more serious but it is the only comparison I can think of) because she is constantly away from me. I am always saying goodbye.

I have my other girls and I love them dearly, they are helping me out with everything and doing all the can to fill the void, but sometimes I have selfish moments and wish Alia was here for this most exciting time.

Okay selfishness over now... feels good getting it out.. thanks for reading! :)


  1. Oh, it's such a shame your bestie can't share all aspects of this special time in your life!

    But you are both very fortunate to have each other :) xx

    1. yeahhh I'm usually pretty good with it, but this morning mentioning something about my dress made me a lil sad.... thanks hun, I know we are! x

  2. Besties are great. I guess I've never really had one (I was never a besties person either) but I am growing really close to two ladies and it's nice to be able to share little details.

    Hopefully one day, you will live close again!