Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Yet another Random Post

I had another messy Friday night at the Ivy change rooms, damn I love that place and it's mix of old and new tunes.. Anyways, in true "too busy consuming vodka" style I forgot to take any photos, except this selfie before we left...

Natural hair.

At the end of the night I couldn't stop giggling, as I tried to convince A to get to bed and he constantly just called for help. Pulling a man around the floor by his arm is not an easy task...hahaha.

Bobbi came to visit a few weekends ago, look how big she is now!!

 How cute is our little niece Deanna? We cuddled her lots at a family lunch a few weekends ago.

You can't resist grabbing those cheeks!

Not sure if I ever showed you guys the Dat Girl bags that arrived? I couldn't be happier with them!

New brushes arrived last week, I don't know what half of them are for... luckily they have names on the back! hahaha

My flatmate got a new camera and he loves playing with it.

We get to see the most amazing sunsets from our rooftop!!

A sketch of Bobbi someone drew as a present to my mum

Bobbi's new house, built by my brother and decorated by my mother.
Can you believe this thing? I think they have lost the plot! lol she has an attic and all coats!! Next comes the chandelier... lol

I told my brother he should make them and sell them, it looks so crazy.
Unfortunately, at the moment Bobbi only goes in if my brother goes in first. Hmmm fail? haha.

Counting down to some pretty exciting stuff... the wedding is still a while away, but the DAT GIRL PHOTO SHOOT is this weekend! arggghhhhhh!

Cross your fingers for perfect weather x


  1. You look gorgeous! xx

    How exciting with all the things coming up! :)

  2. Haha love that dog house, very impressive. And your niece OMG those cheeks, way too cute for her own good

    1. I think they have waaay too much time on their hands and I know right??? want to eat her all up!

  3. I got the same brushes last week too. So good and so many of them, can't wait to try them out this weekend.. You look very happy in your photos, great to see :)

    1. oooh I used mine last weekend and loved them, especially the angled eyeshadow brush!

  4. Wow your natural hair is so good!! Love the pink necklace.

    Hahaha Bobbi has an awesome house...

    Not long for the Dat Girl launch!


    1. The colour is far from natural and it's been styled, I just meant without extensions.. woops! lol.

  5. You hair is great natural!

    Deanna is such a cutie! I love chubby babies!!!!

    Cant wait to see photos from the shoot! make sure you let us know as soon as the website is up =]

    Also, to answer your question on the comment you left on my Slim Pasta post - I dont really know what the spaghetti one is like hahaha. I will try it next time. But I am assuming it will be thicker like real spaghetti, but it wont have the same texture. Slim Pasta is more...slippery...haha thats the only word i could find to describe it =P

    1. Oh and by the way... I dont know why your comments dont appear on my posts? =[ I only get them by email. Do you think its something i have to fix?

      I also noticed Sophie once commented about your comments not showing on her posts either.