Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Weigh in Wednesday!

I know I had told you all last week that I felt like I had gotten my mojo back and I truly did.

The next day however, the monthly visitor came. For me, the monthly visitor means being up all night heating a wheat pack every 15 minutes to help my stomach cramps and back pains. The very next day I could not work out :(

Thankfully, I didn't act like my recent (before mojo coming back) self and take this as a great excuse to right off the week , not workout and eat chocolate like I wanted too!

I went straight back to the gym the day after and on Saturday when I was hungover I went to Subway not the Kebab place, Ogalos or McDonalds, which are all located underneath our building.

I was proud of myself and excited to jump on the scales this morning.....

but first I had one final run (my version of last chance training)

I was singing Gangsta's Paradise out loud while taking this photo...
I'm 23 yeah but will I ever see 24? The way things are going I dunno.

and BAM!!!! 700GRAMS LOST!!

Am I happy with this? hells yeahhhh! I don't care how little the loss is, as long as it is a loss then my weight is going in the right direction DOWWWNNN!!

Since I have started back on 12WBT it has looked a little like this...

Week 6 - 300grams down
Week 7 - 500grams down
Week 8 - 700grams down

Total = 1.5kgs.

I am not complaining.

I just wish it wasn't Easter this weekend. This weekend we have our house warming party on Friday, family BBQ Saturday and the Easter show on Sunday.

Any tips for me on how to NOT hinder my weight loss this weekend??


  1. I am spending Easter in Canberra sleeping on a lounge room floor, won't have much control over my food at all :-S and my best friend's engagement party on Saturday night.

    My advice would be to treat everyday like a treat meal day, as in, no snacks and a light lunch. That's my plan anyway.

    Also planning morning exercise both Saturday and Sunday (nothing Mon or Fri as I have a 7 hour drive each day).

    Also, be careful weighing yourself straight after you exercise, you'll lose weight through sweat anyway. Just means you'll have to do it every time :-)

    Oh and this week, I'm also just aiming for the same weight :-) [though today's weigh-in has be at the same weight as last week's anyway!]

    1. I am planning to hopefully do some weight training on Friday and maybe cardio on Sunday, as we have that day free. Ohhh that is a good point about weighing in after exercise... thanks!

      I think I will aim for that too, thanks honey. If we stay the same we are still not gaining, that is all that matters right?

      Thanks for the tips!!!xx

  2. Aw good work! 700 is a great achievement!!

    As for advice, no idea I would love to know myself! How not to love chocolate so much would be great haha

    1. Thanks babe... I get what you mean ESPECIALLY EASTER EGG CHOCOLATE! It's the best!

  3. YAY! Good on you!

    I think it's important not to restrict yourself too much. If you REALLY want something over the Easter weekend, then go for it in moderation! If you absolutely don't allow yourself all the treats then you're more likely to fall off the bandwagon.

    Maybe if there are days you know there are going to be big blow outs, eat very very cleanly for the rest of the day?

    Good luck xx

  4. yeyy! Any amount of weight loss is a bonus :D

  5. WOOOHOOOOO!! Congrats!!! You go girly!
    As for any tips for this weekend.. I am also dreading it, after an awesome 1.9kg loss this past week I wish I could continue on doing what I'm doing and not have so many 'family/friends' catchs up this weekend for Easter! Eeeek! I've just got to keep it all in check.. Keep portions small and hope for the best!