Monday, 30 April 2012

Quarter of a Century

Yesterday I hit the quarter century mark. It was my birthday and I officially turned 25, half way to 50 and all of that lol. I had a fantastic weekend, celebrating my birthday on Saturday AND Sunday. I love birthdays, so I tend to drag it out a bit - we have our joint birthday party in a few weeks too.

I'll post about my birthday first and then write a separate post on Saturday.

Sooo my birthday (at around 12.30am) started with a bout of food poisoning for both A and I. That was NOT fun, but luckily when we woke up in the morning it seemed to have passed. Phew.

A had told me that I should sleep in on my birthday, so on Sunday morning when he got up and I started to roll around, he kissed me and repeatedly said, "you sleep in, stay in bed, get some sleep". I should have known he was up to something.

I woke up about 11am and I called A to see if I was allowed to wake up yet. He told me I could, but I had to stay downstairs in my bedroom. I decided to make the most of the time; shower and get ready for the day. After I got out of the shower, A came downstairs hugged me, said happy birthday and handed me a Michel's patisserie Chai Latte- my favourite!!

I asked if I was allowed upstairs now, to which he replied "NO, not yet". I was getting all these messages on Facebook and while I was feeling the love, most of them said something along the lines of I hope A is spoiling you - well no actually he is keeping my prisoner. hahaha.

Half way through applying my makeup A came down and said he was ready for me now, but if I was going to go upstairs I needed a pair of scissors, luckily he had a pair in his hands. I walked up the stairs excited and a little nervous. As I got to the top of the stairs I was faced with this...

red tape (not A's crotch lol). I was told I had to cut my way in to my 25th year. I didn't want to. I wanted to duck getting older, but I had no choice. I cut my way through, walked in to the heavily  lounge room...

 and out came my roommate and friend with a cheesecake (another favourite) singing Happy Birthday.

complete with mini Moet bottle

The room was decked out with decorations. I couldn't stop smiling. The boy (s) spoilt me rotten.

After I blew out the candles and made a massive wish (yes I still believe they may come true), I was instructed to open my presents.

 My roommate got my Anh Do's book that I have wanted to read for AGES, but kept forgetting to buy and this candy jar.

He said our bedroom looked empty without candy hahaha.

A again spoilt me rotten.

He bought me this red scarf. I had a red scarf up until 2 weeks ago when I left it on the train. I was devastated and A remembered :)

He also got me these Guess earrings and bracelet. I love bracelets and wear them much more than necklaces.

This Jag set of bangles and......

the one he made me open last....

tickets to Ahn Do's show!!! So perfect! He knows me too well.

While I was looking through my presents, the boys then attacked me with party poppers. I was covered in streamers and I could not stop laughing.

To start the morning of.

A few more friends came over, we had lunch time beverages and munched on the nibbles put together by the boys before heading to the city for a few more drinks.

ASOS skirt, unknown singlet, Lovisa necklace.

I had looked at places to go for drinks, but I didn't realise that as soon as it turns Autumn half the places aren't open during the day on a Sunday. DOUP! We found somewhere though and continued to drink, chat and just have an awesome time. I even forgot it was my birthday for a good while there haha no joke- I was surprised when I remembered again.

Elevator shot

The night was capped off with a greasy kebab (from the same kebab place I ate at on my 18th birthday) in the Cross and late night jokes in our lounge room.

evil eyes, drunken smile

I couldn't of asked for a better way to spend my birthday and right now I am soo exhausted and trying not to think of the mess in the apartment hahaha.

I think this weekend will be a quiet/detox weekend before our massive party weekend.

How was your weekend?


  1. Yey! Happy Bday once again! You look so happy in all your photos - Love it!

    A did wel - How the hek did you train him so well?! lol x

    1. Thanks sweety. I really was so happy - wish I could have multiple birthdays every year!!!!! I did not train him, he came this way.. I don't know how, but I love it lol xx

  2. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Looks like you got very spoilt - you lucky girl! So sweet the boys went to that much effort for you. Glad you had a great day :)
    My weekend was lovely and quiet - just what I wanted!

    1. Yes they are keepers! Thank you and that sounds nice, i'm planning that for the coming weekend x

  4. Happy Birthday, lady! Looks like an awesome day! What a lucky thing you are :)

    OH and we totally had the same birthday cake too! I got the exact same one from Michel's for my birthday surprise too :)

    Hope you continue to be spoilt the whle year long! xx

    1. Thanks honey and how uncanny is that? We ate it all up after our Kebabs at 11pm hahahaha.

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 25 Sucks doesn't it, official mid 20's, half way to 50... 5 years away from being 30 hahaha.
    I love the boys decorating efforts, so cute! and you look hooooooot in that skirt, I regret not buying it now but it looked flat on the model you definitely fill it out the same as I would

    1. They did pretty well I think lol. Thanks hun... does that mean you have a booty too? hahahaha. I was worried because sometimes I am too "curvy" for pencil skirts, but I like it on. x

    2. Too much booty lol, I always avoided pencil skirts because of it but I think you changed my mind... back to ASOS I go..

    3. I have always wanted to be an ambassador for bootylicous girls! woot woot! hehehe xx

  6. Happy Birthday !!! - I dont know why but your comments never show up on my page. I see them in my email but never on my blog!
    You looked like you had a fantastic time and its always nice to be spoilt :) xx

    1. Thanks sweety. I don't know how to fix that?? It has been happening for ages now.. look in your spam folder xx

  7. Happy Birthday for yesterday :)

    I did watch on Instagram all your updates over the weekend so was looking forward to the story being told!

    You were very spoilt and looks like you had a great day... It's nice that A suprised you... Suprises are the best x

    1. Yes I love suprises and birthdays, they are both soo much fun! xx

  8. Happy Birthday! Looks like you have certainly started your 25th year in style! xxx