Monday, 12 March 2012

I'm baccckkkkkkk!

I am back from my trip to the Philippines and back to the blogging world.

As I get time I will post on individual parts of my holiday, but right now as I sift through a million emails at work, I thought I would just write a quick post to say it truly was AMAZE BALLS!!

I loved the Philippines, the people are amazing, the shopping is cheap, the beaches are beautiful and the food is delicious!! I would highly recommend a trip there to anyone. I enjoyed it more than the now tourist populated Thailand.

catching the boat from Boracay
I kept my promise when on holidays; I took lots of pictures and I picked up a few things for my 100 post giveaway, so make sure you stay tuned :)

It was hard to leave the Philippines, not only because we had an amazing holiday, but also because we didn't want to come back to the family dramas.

 We landed back in Sydney on Thursday and yesterday A got a message from his brother asking if we were all good now with "the venue change". We had no idea what he meant as we haven't heard anything about the christening since my last post. A asked his brother what he meant by it and it seems like the christening venue has been changed. I am gobsmacked. I am thankful, shocked and relieved. I just wish all the hurtful things weren't said in the decision process. I don't wish this for me, because I think of myself as pretty tough and I can let these comments bounce of me. I wish the things weren't said for A and for his relationship with his family. In saying that, I know family is family and A will move on from this.


  1. Yay! Cannot wait to hear all about your trip! - That water looks devine.

    At least the venue has been changed? dont try to dwell on it too much, at the end of the day they made the decision to change the venue they werent forced, people will talk but remember you're better than that! (Yay for marrying into greek families haha!)


  2. hahahaha thanks sweety. I have much the same thoughts as you, I just hope A can think like us. The way I see it, they wanted us to be happy and they did it for that reason. We will always be grateful, the end! :) ahahahahaha.

    The water was amazing!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time, so jealous.
    I'm glad they changed the venue, although I'm sure it's not the last of your wedding related drama unfortunately. At least you got some practice when it comes to calmly arguing!

    1. This is true. Just glad to hopefully never speak of it again... well A & I won't anyways. heehehe

  4. Being Greek I hate to say it but ummm get used it it.I am in the midst of dramas at the moment for my sisters wedding. I mean you going to have to learn to let it roll off you like a ducks back to water. I am strugging to come to terms also with my boyfriends mother not accepting me and she never will. Also remember blood is always thicker than water.... nothing we can do at the end of the day.

    1. yeahhh you're right and I think in ourselves and as a couple, A and I have really tried not to let this get to us and funnily enough it has made us stronger as a couple! :)