Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm off...

Tomorrow is the day we have waited for, for a while now... our trip to the Philippines!
I am sooo excited and I love the feeling of excitement I get before an overseas trip, it makes me feel young :)

I have ALMOST finished packing... This was my list. I am a mad list maker and it always gets adapted along the way.

We first fly in to Manila for some shopping and exploring. Most activities I have looked up seem to cost around P500, which is approx. $10 AUD. So I will be enjoying this holiday $10 at a time :)

After a few days in Manila, we fly to Boracay for some cocktails, tan time and water adventures!

I will take lots of photos of my fun in the sun to share with you all.

Until I return... take care xxx


  1. Looking forward to all your photos, hope you have an amazing holiday x

  2. Have a fantastic time, let all your stress float away and relax! take care x

  3. Cannot wait to hear all about the trip and see your photos!! have a blast! X

  4. Ahhhh how exciting, have a great time!