Thursday, 22 March 2012


I did promise a while ago that I would have a giveaway when I reached 100 posts.

I also said I would purchase the giveaway in the Philippines.

I am now at 117 posts, but I don't think the details matter, it's a GIVEAWAY!!

The giveaway is this little pack of goodies I collected on my travels and put together.

Hand made soaps from Boracay, 4 different flavours. They smell divine (I was very tempted to keep them myself) and all have different purposes.

Strawberry Lip Butter, which again I wish you could smell or eat it.. yummmm.

Victoria's secret body spray.
Yes this is American, but I bought it in Manila so same same. LOL.

Small wooden jewellery box from Boracay, which managed to make it through customs.

A pedicure/manicure set.
I purchased this item, because it has all the stuff in there that they used on me when I got my mani pedi.
The pink bottle actually helps with cuticle removal. I love it.

All you have to do to go in to the running for this giveaway is..

1. Become a follower of this blog
2. Tell me your favourtie holiday destination and why.

That's it! It's that simple!

I will draw the winner by a random picker early next week.

Good Luck!!!



  1. They look great :)

    My fav holiday destination is Double Island...
    Because it's a beautiful part of Australia, I think it's nice to know our own country and it's wonders as well as others.


  2. Cute stuff!

    I've really only ever holidayed in QLD and once to Canada...

    BUT, my dream holyday is Hawaii! Mainly spurred on by my love for Elvis!!

  3. Favourite holiday destination is hard!

    I'd love to go anywhere with great culture/sights/atmosphere that I haven't been before.

    At the moment, I think my dream holiday for relaxation would be a greek islands/mediterranean cruise including a few short trips to Italy, Greece and Egypt :-)

  4. YAY for 100 (117) posts!

    I've been a follower for a while now!

    So far my favourite place on holiday has been Halong Bay! The view was so breathtaking, and there was so much to see and it was amazing what nature could create! I also loved being out in the junk boat overnight, it was just so quiet and peaceful and it seemed so untouched. And their lifestyles out in the fishing villages, and the way they go about their daily business. All of Asia is becoming so modernised that it's just so nice to be able to see little bits and pieces which still have its old charm!

  5. Congratulations on 100 posts! (and more!) My favourite holiday destination is a hard one. My favourite holiday would have to have been my trip to Boreno though. We stayed in the jungle and then a little water village. It really felt like we were exploring a part of the world no one else had yet - simply stunning.

  6. yayyy giveaways :)

    Favourite favourite favourite holiday destination - Hamilition Island - Sunshine, pure blue water, reef, snorkling, cocktails and feeling the heat on your skin - secluded - Hell yes baby!

  7. Such a pretty giveaway My fav holiday destination (although I'm yet to go) is New York, I like holidays filled with more activities, shopping and sight seeing than the beach so it's perfect.

  8. firstly, congrats on your milestone!

    i would say my favourite holiday destination would have to be anywhere in the world that involves people i love, a few alcoholic beverages and a BBQ, so in saying that I would say anywhere beachy, especially southern NSW coast. Spent a week in Tura Beach (just outside merimbula) and it was just BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  9. Lovely give away!
    My favourite holiday destination is ----- New York City ----- for anyone that has been there they can understand why ( some people hate it though ) But it IS a city that never sleeps. I must go back soon!

  10. Baby girl I tagged you in this post :) looking forward to your answers

  11. My favourite holiday destination is a toss up between Osaka and Jordan...I'll go with Osaka because Jordan is more of a place to live for me.

    The shopping on the Dotombori, the people, the glica sign, the memories, the food! Amazing!

  12. Definitely NYC, oh how a week was not enough to explore it all!

    I like your new blog design and I love the idea of putting all your wedding stuff on one page, I may just follow your lead :)

    1. Thanks sweety. Go right ahead. I just thought it would make it easier for people looking for that stuff from forums or otherwise.

  13. Favourite destination is definitely Bodrum, Turkey. Waking up and seeing the mediterranean every morning is just magical then spending the entire day sunbaking and eat delicious foods at the beach clubs just can't be beaten! miss it so much!!