Monday, 26 March 2012

Crazy Weekend.

Some times the weekends are just so crazy busy, that you wish you had another weekend after them just to get some sleep and relax a little.

I have a love, hate relationship with this type of weekend. I love it because I usually get a lot done & get to see a lot of different friends, but I hate it because afterwards I am just so dang tired.

So what did the last crazy weekend involve?

Friday night, I left the nest, I spread my wings and I moved out of my mum's home to the "party pad".

Complex Pool

I love the new place, I love feeling responsible and free and I love inviting people over to "our place".

Complex gym (yep! Going to be here a lot!!)

The move on Friday night took a long time, one of my friends got injured and the boys didn't finish unloading the truck until 1.30AM. After that, none of us were keen to do anything but have a few quiet drinks amongst the mess and fall asleep on the couch.

Our bed arrived Saturday morning, but we had so much on we couldn't even put it together. I had a laser hair removal and hair appointment during the day, as well as an appointment with my mum to collect some more stuff. I then had to run back to the new place and the nail parlour  to have my chipped shellac removed before I got ready for Jamila's wedding.

I had lost my invite to the wedding, but I knew it was at the Ivy Ballroom and I was pretty sure it was at 5pm. I messaged my friend Jacquie to check and she confirmed. I rushed A and myself as much as I could to get there on time. I HATE being late to weddings. We arrived at 5.10pm, only to be told the room would not be opening until 5.30 and the wedding would commence at 6pm - WOOPS!

Jamila looked stunning and the room was gorgeous.
 I will post more about the wedding and pictures when my Internet is reconnected.

Sunday morning we had a much-needed sleep in before cleaning, unpacking, cooking and putting our bed together.
I couldn't be happier with the bed and I will post a photo of it shortly.

Sunday night saw us fleeing the party pad again for Priscilla's 30th birthday at The Victoria Room (outfit pictures when I have Internet :) ).

Priscilla's "I'm ready to party" photo that she messaged me ahaha

Priscilla had around 25guests so they had a section of the restaurant just for her, which was sectioned off by bamboo curtains. The area had quite a few lounges and communal tables. The set up was great; it made it easy to move around and not as formal as sitting at a dinner table. The food was delicious and only $55 per person for the banquet. 

Throughout the night there was also entertainment was also provided, which ranged from a signer to a pole dancer and a magician!!

If you want a classy night out with good food and GREAT cocktails, I would highly recommend The Victoria Room in Darlinghurst. Even A was happy :)

We returned back to the pad about 11:30pm and our roommate was still awake. After looking around the room, I noticed some of my shoe boxes (in the lounge room) were empty. I asked our roommate where my shoes were and he promptly told me that he had put them away. He thought he was unpacking them for me and being helpful, without realising that the boxes weren't for moving, but for storing the shoes. It was very cute and such a boy move. LOL

 It was a great weekend, but it was jam-packed and our place is still full of boxes and bags! I wish I could just stay home from work for a week to make it our own.

What did you get up to on the weekend?

P.S The GIVEAWAY is still open!!!


  1. such a stunning dress! so so pretty

    1. it was beautiful and I loooveee the little belt around her waist.

  2. She looked amazing!!!!
    Oh how fun your place looks - When I was in Melbourne I lived in a similar complex and ohhhh the memories and fun we had. Amazing!
    Cant wait to see some more pics!

    1. It feels fun so far and I can't wait to take advantage of everything it has to offer hahaha

  3. Your friend makes a stunning bride!!
    Yay for the new house - How are you all settling in?

    1. yes she does, I think she looks so poised and elegant. Ummm i'm not sure I am settled in yet, I have been too busy to unpack. I am hoping by this time next week there will be no more boxes... fingers crossed!!

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