Tuesday, 20 March 2012


My birthday is in just over a month, and A's is 11 days after mine, so this year (and probably every year after) we are having a combined birthday party.

I love LOVE love LOVE love planning/organising anything, but I especially love planning parties!!

For this party, I have decided we will have it at our new penthouse and I will hire illuminated furniture and a bar tender to serve us.

I will give the bartender a list of a few cocktails to make for the night and I will also provide food for our guests.

My current list of cocktails are...

Fruit Tingle
Cosmopolitan and
Midori Splice

Are one of these your favourite cocktail? If not, what is yours?

The party will also have an "A & S" theme.
Guests have to come as something starting with an A or an S.

My favourite ideas for my costume at the moment are...

Scrabble (hehehe)

and Showgirl

Can you help me with other ideas for my costume?

P.S. Do you like my new layout?


  1. Oh sounds like so much fun! I love the showgirl costume

    1. That is my favourite atm too, I feel like I have to put in a big effort just because it's my party hahaha :)

  2. Showgirl definitely. Much more fun :)

  3. my favourite cocktail is vodka sunrise and sex on the beach.

    as for your theme, you could go as snow white :)

    1. ohhhh sex on the beach!! Of course... you might be on to something there!

  4. loveeee the theme!! I agree the showgirl outfit is a clear winner out of those two!

    1. I'm just wondering if I can get it altered to cover from the front lol.