Monday, 19 March 2012

Hen's Party

As you know, last Thursday I arrived back from the Philippines.
On the Saturday, I flew to the Gold Coast for my friend Jamila's hens party.

Her BM's had organised our accomodation, errr entertainment, food and drinks.
All we had to do was wear Safari during the day and Jungle at night.


During the day, the Bride was directed to the Botannical Gardens where a "safari" had been created for her.
All the animals we viewed on the Safari, were actually her ex boyfriends.
Well not her actual ex boyfriends, they might not have wanted to participate. It was her BM's with paddles in front of their faces and photos of the exes.
 It was hilarious.

The Safari was followed by a "war dance", which made everyone in the gardens think we were part of some kind of cult.

After the Safari, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for the nights events and in to our jungle attire.

We stayed at the Mantra on Cavill Circle and it was amazing!
The rooms had great views of the beach and the city, plus they were super modern and spacious.

My two friends from Sydney and I saw "dress up in your jungle attire" and we purchased jungle costumes- Lion, Zebra, Leopard.

We were the ONLY ones.
Others only had a stripe here or a spot there.
We looked like we were the entertainment! :( doup!
We felt just like Bridget Jones.

The night was fabulous, playing lots of games, eating and drinking in the room, then hitting the clubs in Surfers.


Unfortunately, after all the partying when I returned to work on the Monday, there was no way I felt like I had just been on a holiday.

On a side note- we all picked up a pair of these wedges for $15 while we were up there.


  1. Your outfit is awesome :-) I hate it when you go to such an effort and others don't bother. Hope it made your night more fun regardless though :-)

    1. Thanks babe, I got it from Ebay. Yeahhh... I didn't mind, I love dressing up, so any excuse (real or imagined) will do :)

  2. Love your outfit, it's so cute! And the wedges you bought look great too

  3. Love the costumes, very neat. And love ur new blog look too. Very cool!!

    1. Thanks sweety, I thought I would try soemthing new out.. i'm glad you like it :)

  4. hahahaha I love that park idea with the war dance and the culling - sounds hilarious! x

    1. we looked like total nutters, but it was hilarious and very creative!