Tuesday, 21 February 2012


I have been preparing for my trip to the Philippines lately and part of that has been stocking up on the travel necessities.

The past week, I have got
  1. Travel Insurance (a MUST!!!)
  2. Mini shampoo, conditioner and toothpaste -  the mini sizes allow you to take them in your carry on, leaving valuable shopping space in your suitcase!
  3. New makeup remover (mine was running out)
  4. A money belt - these are great when you're going to places where you shouldn't carry a handbag.

  5. A pillow for the plane

  6. A belt and lock for my suitcase- no Schappelle Corby incidents here!

I still have to get a Typhoid injection, some local currency to get me started, leave my engagement ring at home (sad face), pack my clothes and then I should be good to go.

Is there anything you make sure you get when you're travelling to a less developed country?

Has anyone been to the Philippines before? It's my first time!

P.S. I think in honour of my 100 posts coming up shortly, I will bring something back from the Philippines for my first giveaway...


  1. Is there anything you make sure you get when you're travelling to a less developed country? - HAHA!

    P.S. I think in honour of my 100 posts coming up shortly, I will bring something back from the Philippines for my first giveaway... - did you copy That Brunette One??

    1. I see you found that comment funny, can you explain why please? Were you offended? I apologise if you were, but I was serious.. .as someone who has travelled quite extensively, I think it is important to think about needed things for safety and security when going to less developed countries.

      As for the giveaway, no I did not copy That Brunette One. I love her blog and read/comment on it regularly, but I have been thinking of a giveaway at 100 posts for a while now, even more so after winning a giveaway recently. I cannot copy the fact that I am currently at 98 posts.

      It is amusing that you think I have copied the idea, as I was discussing with A last week about what a good giveaway would be, we talked about movie tickets or a journal. When writing this particular post about my upcoming trip I had a light-bulb moment and thought I should buy something from the Philippines. I am sure I can find something unique there that might be worth winning. Feel free to enter the competition if you like what it is that I giveaway.

    2. speaking as someone who works in the travel industry, you are right in differentiating the 'must have's' from those that are needed to travel in a first world country like America.

      1 thing i always pack is a wrap, or shall sort of thing. Sometimes if you're not aware of a countries culture or religion its good to have something that you can use to quickly cover up if neccessary.

      Sounds to me like you're already pretty well prepared

    3. Sugar and Spice, that is what I have learnt from my experience as well, glad i'm not the only one.

      Ohhhhh that is such a good idea! Will do thanks xx

    4. Anom.. Are you serious?
      Thousands of people do give aways!!?

  2. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog. It's always so nice to connect with others who are going through similar things (like the madness of planning a wedding!). I'll definitely be following :)

    I haven't personally been to the Philippines but one of my best friends was born there and recently returned for the first time in 23 years and took her husband along for the trip. They LOVED it. She was especially impressed with the shopping and food and they both said they'd definitely go back again for another holiday and to see more of the sights. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.

    1. Thanks Lilian, I agree. Blogs have inspired me and also made me feel less crazy hahaha.

      OoooHhH yey I can't wait!! I really love tasting new food in a new culture - there is nothing better (except maybe shopping-haha). We have also planned to stay right near one of the biggest malls in Manila, so it's good to hear someone who went recently loved the shopping.

      I will definitely be posting upon my return :)

  3. Hahaha I'm sorry but I just had to have a giggle at you "copying" the giveaway idea, every other blogger does it!!!

    I don't really know much about travelling stuff but I'm definitely keeping this in mind for when I go to USA later on in the year.

    1. I was gobsmacked - I guess they must of read her post directly before mine?

      Oooh I lived in Canada for 6months and travelled the US a fair bit, so anything you need to know i'll do my best to help??

  4. I'm not very well travelled but the best thing I did before I went on our honeymoon is buy the lonely planet book on fiji. It had lots of handy tips in there and it even saved us a little money! In future I will be buying and reading lonely planet books on every country I visit!

  5. Take some GastroStop haha! Sorry but it's the most practical tip I've got as it saved my life (well probably not literally) in Thailand and Fiji :)
    I must just have a sensitive tummy because I was so wary of the water!
    Have an awesome time! XX