Monday, 20 February 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

What a GREAT weekend I had. I caught up with 3 different groups of friends, had alone time with the man and for once don't feel exhausted or hungover on a Monday morning. Maybe I am in holiday mode already?? Not sure if I mentioned this, but I am off to the Philippines with A, my bestie and his bestie next Wednesday- CANNOT WAIT!

Boracay, Philippines.

Friday night was a sleep over with one of my closest girls Alana. Home made, a few bottles of wine and lots of gossip always makes for an awesome Friday night in.

Saturday morning we got up, got a pedicure and then I went to meet some of my other girls for lunch. One of these girls just got back from her wedding in South Africa, so again there was lots of gossip! We went to Liana's in Parramatta, which I usually love. Their Risottos and Pastas are great, but with my diet, I decided to try something healthier and I went for the BBQ Calamari. I wish I hadn't. It was not seasoned well at all and two lettuce leaves underneath it hardly constitutes a salad. :(

After lunch, I headed to see my hairdresser Kevin at Ivy Hairdressing to blonde me up and blonde he did :)

Then this blonde hit Kings Cross with friends for another friends 25th birthday. We went to Trademark, it was only my second time there and I really loved it. The music was a great party mix and we were shakin' our booty all night long. I'm not sure it would have been as spacey and comfortable if my friend hadn't reserved a booth, but he had – yey!

Bluejuice dress, Diva necklace.

Sunday we just nursed minor hangovers, did a bit of shopping for travel necessities and then watched a few DVD's- Four Brothers and Get Rich or Die Tryin'. I hadn't watched the second one before and after it finished I started Googling fiddy's biography.

He is real gangsta, none of this fake shit. I feel more gangsta after just watching it.

Do you ever feel like that after watching or reading an autobiography? Like you somehow actually know the celebrity now and you can "relate"??? hahahah. Who am I kidding? Like I can relate to someone who sold crack from the age of 12. Puhleasssseee.He would laugh in my face. LOL.


  1. ooh I have that blue juice dress!

    1. I love the big buttons down the back, don't you?

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