Monday, 27 February 2012

Real or Fake?

No this is not a post about BOOBS. This is a post about reality TV. I have been known to watch reality TV quite often, but recently something has been getting on my nerves...

Since I have been watching reality TV I have been well aware of the vast amount of editing that goes in to these programs, to make you love/hate/like particular characters in the show. I like to think that I take everything in these shows with a grain of salt and have learnt to question a lot of it, but recently, maybe after the whole Kim and Kris H thing, I have been a lot more sceptical, even annoyed by it all! I feel like the whole category "reality TV" is a lie in itself.

I'm sure by now you have all heard about the fake car scene, which was filmed for the recent Kim and Kourtney Take New York series, to make Kim appear more sympathetic?

Don't you just think this is rude to fans? It's sole purpose was to manipulate us and even after it was found out, they still included it in the episode!!

and this whole "cheating" or "lying" thing isn't unique to the Kardashian gang... even Bear Grillz has been caught in the past cheating..admitting to BBC that he wasn't really "isolated" in one of the episodes, but filming right near a motel that he was staying at.

Am I the only one annoyed at the fact that these reality stars are treating us, their fans, their lifeline, like imbosiles?

I watch movies all the time, know they are not real and enjoy them. If you want to present me something fake, call it a movie not reality TV.

TIP: How to spot a Faker - watch the stars food/drink, it is amazing how quickly one can go from a full slice of pizza to a bite or how a drink can all of a sudden fill to the top again.


  1. THIS is the main reason I stopped watching shows like this. Especially the Kardashians... it can be said that it's based on real events but it's so fictional. Funny how they're famous only because of fans, yet are lying to them.
    Since the wedding extravaganza, the Kardashians have turned into a laughing stock, give it a year before they become has-beens.

  2. Yeh I don't like being taken for a fool!! But, then I just remember, it's only TV. haha.

    I still like the Kardashians, I can't help it!!