Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Moves like Jagger!

Well I promised you some photos of our moves on the pole and so here they are.... Unfortunately we forgot to take a proper camera, so they are not the best quality, but you'll get the idea!

My favourite move right now

baby Jamila

If you get a chance to do pole dancing, I highly recommend it and if you are in the western suburbs of Sydney, Suzie Q's pole studio is the best!!


  1. Looking good!!

    I so want to do pole dancing, but I'm scared of wearing short shorts!! haha.

    It's on my 'do to' list that's for sure. I bruise like crazy though, so I want to wait until winter when I can cover up.

    1. well you can't really do it without wearing shorts, because you need your skin to grip on to the pole, but trust me in pole class no one is checking anyone out, you are concentrating waaayyy too much! hahaha

      Ohhh my bruises this morning are THE WORST!!

  2. Wow... I only took a beginners course,so I can't sit on the pole. I really have forgotten all my moves, but seeing how cool you look I want to do it again! Bruises and pain regardless!

    1. I have only completed the beginners course too! I think Suzie Q teaches you awesome moves from the very beginning. I am starting Intermediate classes tonight.