Thursday, 5 January 2012

Spoilt Rotten!

I have now returned from the Christmas/ New Years celebrations and I thought there was no better way to return to the blogging world then with a post about how much A spoilt me this Christmas!! He loves buying me presents and constantly tries to "beat" me when it comes to present buying. I know it sounds silly to compete over who spoilt the other one most, but I figure that in the end we both end up super happy, so what is the harm??? Anyways, A totally won this year and I was close to tears as we exchanged presents.

A got me this beautiful Mimco bag, that I had pointed out to him only a week before Christmas. I was in love with the bag, but did not expect to find it under the tree!

He also picked out these cute little Mimco earrings.

Kendra is my fav. reality star, so this book is perfect for me and was finished in a matter of days - such a good, humorous and eye opening read. I also want to practise criminal law one day and love reading the details of crimes, so both books were perfectly picked by A.

Another present from A were these Bethenny Frankel goodies, I love her attitude as well and can't wait to get stuck in to them...

A also got me a jewellery holder from Diva.
 All in all I was totally and utterly SPOILT ROTTEN!!

What was the favourite present you received or gave for Christmas??

I bought A a pair of Morrissey sunglasses and a keyboard/cover for his iPad.


  1. Wow you did get spoilt rotten!
    I gave my fiancé a new Kindle Fire which he has been rapt with and I can't wait to use the spa vouchers he gave me: massage coming right up!

    Happy new year! X

  2. Ooohhhh Australia's Serial Killers ! I would love to read that book but it would have to be during the day! Haha at night I would be scared shitless! Love your MIMCO bag too and the earrings too cute !!!