Friday, 6 January 2012

2011, the year that was...

2011 was a wonderful year for me, such amazing things happened in my life and it was a year that I will NEVER forget. I am excited about what 2012 has planned for me and my loved ones, but I also want to take a moment to remember the year that has now ended - I think that moment calls for a photo time line blog :)


We greeted 2011 at Shore Thing- it was the first time A & I spent NYE together, because the year before I was living in Canada and I remember kissing A at midnight and getting chills down my spine. I knew at that moment 2011 with A was going to be great.


2011 was a huge year for dress up parties!! This was highlighted in February when we had a Cowboy & Indian party and a Movie Character party. I love a good dress up party or any excuse to dress up :)


March marked 1 and a half years together with A. We celebrated by hiring a hotel room in Wollongong and going to the Lagoon for dinner. Neither of us a HUGE seafood fans, but the food here was unbelievable and the cocktails were perfect for celebrating.


In April I turned 24 and I had a joint birthday party with A who turned 27. It was a superhero and villains pub crawl around the City and was the best party I have ever hosted - friends still laugh about it and have already started asking what our birthday in 2012 will be. The next morning A & I just smiled at what an amazing celebration it was and how great our friends are.

This was also the month that I graduated from my Law degree and my Social Sciences degree - it was a relief that 5 years of study FINALLY came to an end! It was an emotional time and my parents just beamed with pride.


In May, we went on a P&O cruise around New Caledonia and Vanuatu- 3 days before this cruise returned to Australia, A got down on one knee and proposed!!! I BECAME AN ENGAGED WOMAN!!!! This was definitely the happiest moment of my life to date, I cried happy tears and couldn't stop smiling at my soul mate and best friend.


In June I went on a girls trip to the Gold Coast and we had so much fun that weekend that I decided I want to have a pre-hens party girls trip to the Gold Coast when the time comes. We got up to mischief that weekend and it really reminded me that I was the same girl I have always been, it was just that now I was wearing a gorgeous ring as well. Looking back, I think this weekend was more important for me than I realised at the time.


In July I completed College of Law, which actually meant the end of studying, it meant my course work was done, there was no more reading, no more exams or assignments!! It was also the month I began my current job and started this very blog :) You would think after completing my studies, I would enjoy my spare time, but no, it seems I love the busy/manic lifestyle!


August was a quieter month, but it was the month we inspected our first ever wedding venue and I started to put together the final details of the Engagement Party. It was also the lead up to our 2 year anniversary celebration in Melbourne :)


We had our engagement party this month and after all the planning it was one of the best nights of my life. I was surrounded by the people that meant the most to me and blown away by my amazing fiance. I wouldn't change a thing, we were exactly how we are that night and everyone shared in the celebration of our love. I woke up wanting to repeat the night all over again and again and again.


In October I was a maid of honour in my friend Sandy's wedding. It was a beautiful day and I was one of the many who were blubbering through the groom's speech. I have known the couple since the day they met, so being involved in this day meant so much to me.


In November we moved house, attended a wedding, a 30th birthday and we went away for the weekend to Diamond Beach. I like the new house more than the old and again our time away was great - around this point I was really starting to see the value in good solid friendships, in quality over quantity. I also got to see LMFAO in November and as a huge fan of theirs, this was a big deal for me! I loved it!!!


In December I went to New Zealand for the first time ever. It was a great weekend away with my girl Mckayla and I managed to continue to take on my fear of heights, as we went canyoning in Piha near Auckland. It is the 19th Country I have visited.

2011- Definitely a year I will NEVER forget...


  1. Love it, looks like you had an absolute blast. May 2012 be an even bigger year for you and 2013 the ultimate :)

  2. Thanks honey. I know 2013 with the wedding will be a year that will be VERY hard to top!! Happy New Year xx

  3. What a great way to go through your year! so cute !!! xx

  4. I had a good giggle going through it, although you might not be able to tell from this analytical run through of 2011. I sound like a boring AM radio announcer hahaha.