Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Housey Purchase

I am really trying to quit shopping in Jan & Feb to tick off the "watch my savings grow" for 2012. Plus, I am going to the Philippines in March so I am sure I will tonnes of shopping there.Anyways.. my exception to shopping is household products because we actually NEED them to move out.

On another note, I personally HATE ironing!! Last time I tried to iron one of A's shirts for the races, I was almost in tears after 20 minutes because I just couldn't get out every single crease :(

Put together the NEED for household products and my HATE for ironing and WULLAHHH you have my latest purchase- a Steamer.

It was only $49 on Spreets.


  1. I need to get myself one of these!! haha are these like those steam irons they use in botique shops??

  2. yeah it is! You just steam your clothes as they are hanging, saves time AND effort AND is better for more delicate items! I'll have to do a post when I receive it.

  3. Review please! Haha I'm thinking about getting one of these. I don't even know how to iron properly, I'm that much of an unco!!

  4. Don't worry Cat, I hate ironing so much mainly because of how terrible I am at it! I can't wait to get it and put together a review for you girls.

  5. would love a review ... i've been thinking of getting one of these for a while.

    1. finally got around to doing it now!