Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gettin' my Body Back!

The second thing for me to do in 2012 is to get my body back!! I have lost the weight before so I know what works and I know how to do it, the problem is just making myself do that and to not get fooled into thinking that I still look how I use to (harsh but true).

In the spirit of gettin' my body back, I went for a run on Monday and hit the gym last night. I have also been making sure that I am eating the right stuff. I will share the recipes I whipped up last night in a following post.

Another thing I have decided to do is to say NO to soft drink!! I love a good glass of coke or Pepsi, but I know the damage it is doing. Leading up to our engagement party, I banned myself from soft drink for two weeks and it did wonders. If I give it up completely like that again I will never make it, so I will make soft drinks a weekend drink, except for the occasional V needed to get me through the working week ;) I think cutting out the sugary drinks will also lead to more water drinking, which I am horrible at.

I have also joined the 1 million kilo challenge, after reading about it on Running in Cute Heels. It seems like a free alternative to the 12wbt program, which I loved so I am super keen to begin. It provides you with exercise and eating programs.
I will be posting about my progress.


  1. ooh..goodluck!! If you love the taste of coke and find you cant live without it opt for coke has no sugar!!

  2. Good luck I'll be joining you too!

  3. Ahhhh Brunette- unfortunately I have been doing the diet drinks for too long too (I refuse to drink full sugar ones) and they are still harming me in that they make you retain more fluids.

    AshMac- I am really excited! It will be good to chat and see how we are going too :)

  4. I am joining up after my last post and seeing me in that hidious dress!

  5. I found that even diet drinks have sugar (but hidden in the ingredients list as something else!!!).

    I'm also doing the 1 million kilo challenge as I found that i don't fit into any of my clothes from a year ago!!!!!