Monday, 9 January 2012

Bridesmaids' Dress

Okayy soo we haven't locked in our wedding date yet and the date we are thinking of is in the second half of next year, but that doesn't mean I can't pick out my bridesmaids dresses does it??

I mean just because I haven't told all of my bridal party who they are (partly because I haven't decided in my own head yet) doesn't mean I can't imagine what they will wear, yeah??

I can't stop looking at bridesmaids dresses!!! I don't look at wedding gowns even half as much as I do at evening gowns. I have always wanted my bridesmaids to look like the beautiful women they are at my wedding and not mere accessories to my ginormous gown (trust me it will be big). Plus if you knew my girls, you would know that they are anything but plain janes.

This is my current favourite bridesmaid dress, I picture it in a dirty kind of ash pink and it is only $140.00- beautiful, romantic AND cheap!!!

I have admired this dress for over a month now and I am doing everything I can to not just purchase one to see if I like it as much in real life....

any advice readers???

Do you like the dress?


  1. LOVE that dress!
    I actually wanted that dress as my wedding gown! But I read reviews by people who bought it from the cheapo sites that it's horrible so I stayed away.

  2. Wow that looks amazing for $140, maybe even too good to be true.
    I'm currently looking at Anna Campbell dresses in some soft hues, the dresses will definitely be long, embellished and silk and I'm looking at about $700. It's a lot but I really love the style.
    Otherwise a friend who is a dress maker showed me some designs also for around $700 in silk but with a full corset, still deciding. But it's actually a similar style to the dress to posted about, similar taste haha!!

  3. I saw this website too it was celebrity inspired gowns.

    they have it here too. some of the reviews are mixed so I didnt buy from there either !

    LOVEEEE the dress though!

  4. Sophie- the site you are talking about is where I am looking at it from, I just couldn't copy the photos from there. I think some of the reviews sound pretty good on that site...

    MrsB- that is what I am concerned about too, which is why I am wondering if I should just buy one?? With my wedding being so far away I might be able to afford a little mistake here and there..

    J- sounds like you have awesome taste!! How many bridesmaids are you having for $700 each?? I'd like to stay under $400 each I think..

  5. I ammmm soooo tempted to order a dress for a wedding I have coming up. I mean its only 150.00 and if its crap ehhhh so what I'd just shove it to the back of my closet like the rest. I say order one dress and see what its like just to do a test you never know what you might get !

  6. That is my thinking exactly Sophie!! Which dress are you thinking of ordering for the wedding you're attending?

  7. The red one shoulder dress with the fishtail! I can't go on the site at the moment it keeps telling me it's down? It's either that or the yellow sarah jessica parker one which I think is amazzzzzing.

  8. I'd say buy it just to see. Like you said you've got plenty of time, it's definitely worth the initial outlay if it's an awesome buy and you end up going with it, you can use it as a size guide to work out what sizes to order for the other bms and if worst comes to worst you could always onsell it on eBay to get some money back!

    I've got three bridesmaids. Initially I had 2 and was happy to cover the full cost of the dresses then the fiancé's best man moved to new York, he'll still be in the wedding but because he won't be around for the lead up A decided he'd like another mate to be around for it all. So now with 3 I'm thinking I'll cover half the dress each as well as jewellery hair and makeup, still deciding on shoes but probably will. How are you doing yours?

  9. beautiful style ! i agree with the other girls, buy one as a tester (in one of the bridesmaids sizes)

    I can only imagine it would look more beautiful when the person wearing it is someone you know and love :D

  10. Thanks girls, I think I will get it! The store doesn't reopen until Feb, so I will wait until then. I guess the other side is that if it is made poorly, I could probably just take the picture to a dressmaker here in Sydney.

    Sugar and Spice- that is sweet. I think I will get a tester but not in the smallest girls size, because it is easier to take a dress in right?

    J- I'm having 4 and if I stay under budget, I should be able to cover it all and then i'm sure the girls will take care of the hens and kitchen tea arrangements.

    Sophie - the yellow Kate Hudson dress is beautiful. I'm not sure which red one you're talking about, but I think you would look great in anything regardless! xx

  11. They are STUNNING! If you're concerned about the quality, I'd say get one to see how you go! They would look AMAZING! x

  12. Thanks Cat! It is the first thing I have seen for the wedding that I have no doubts about; the style that is.

    Fingers crossed for quality too!

  13. ARRGHHH I just found this photo online, which makes me think it is what it will look like...

    PLAN B- see what a local dressmaker can do!

  14. ooohhhhhh
    I would see what a local dress maker can do !
    We are going to one tonight for my sisters wedding! I think I am more excited than her !